How Personal Injury Lawyers in Colorado Determine Liability in Multi-Car Crashes

How Personal Injury Lawyers in Colorado Determine Liability in Multi-Car Crashes

It can be challenging to determine fault in any car accident. And the situation becomes more complex if the accident involves at least three vehicles. Often, multiple parties share some liability, which makes it hard to determine who must pay damages and how much should be paid out. That is why victims of these car accidents must let Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys deal with the issues for them. The lawyers can figure out who is liable for the losses and damages incurred. Here’s what attorneys will take into account:

The Police Report

The police report must offer details on when and where the accident took place, whether the crash injured anyone, and maybe who was at fault. Lawyers and the insurance company will review this report to learn the facts that surround the accident. The police report may play an important role in determining whether the insurance company approves a claim, especially if the drivers have different versions of events.

Photos and Video Footage

In a car accident that involves several vehicles, some of the parties may have captured the accident on a dashcam. Also, nearby surveillance cameras may have recorded the accident if it took place in a developed area. Personal injury lawyers can use photos of the scene to piece together that took place the seconds that lead up to the accident.

Witness Statements

As a personal injury lawyer looks at liability, they consider what witnesses have to say. Every driver will have different versions of how the accident unfolded and hopefully, some people were able to witness the event to give their insight. Usually, investigators and lawyers can piece together a true series of events by combining stories from different individuals. Witness statements may also be used if a driver disputes the police report’s content. 

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