How Should You React To A Bad Home Survey Report?

How Should You React To A Bad Home Survey Report?

The survey is a crucial part of buying a home, and it can be a problem for many buyers if it throws up uncertainty. However, if something unexpected does come back in your survey, it doesn’t have to make the whole sale fall through.

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Chat To The Surveyor

Get clarification. Speak to the surveyor if you can, and understand exactly what the issues are and the extent of any problem. You also need to understand what the implications are and what the risks would be to your investment if you were to proceed.

Surveys are designed to use a traffic light rating system across a whole range of measures, graded based on their perceived urgency and severity. Surveyors may interpret them differently or regard some aspects as more or less important than another surveyor would. With that in mind, it is worth talking through the issues and the steps you should consider taking next. This conversation should not cost you anything on top of the cost of the survey.

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Your Call

If you have had a conversation with your surveyor and are still not clear on what happens next, you are within your rights to ask for a second opinion. That could take the form of an expert or specialist in the particular area where your survey has thrown up a concern. Further investigation work is certainly an option. An initial survey will pick up a lot but is unlikely to pick up every potential issue.

For more information on what to do if you do find yourself with a less favourable survey than you thought, see the advice from This Is Money.

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When the survey picks something up, there is no need to panic. Look at your options with expert advice and decide on your next step. You are well within your rights to get quotes for any potential work, and then use those quotes to negotiate with the vendor on the price of the property.

If you decide not to proceed, that is also fine. Roughly one in four house sales will fall through as a direct result of something uncovered in a survey. It’s all up to you.

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