How Speed Dating Can Help You Improve Mental Health

How Speed Dating Can Help You Improve Mental Health

Mental health is paramount for the general well-being of a person. Mental health is the ability to manage individual stress and still remain productive and fruitful in their everyday life. Speed dating has great positive contributions, including an improved mental health.

The following are examples of mental health disorders and how speed dating can improve them.

  1. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

This is a mental health disorder that causes repeated obsessive thoughts and sometimes compulsions with the urge to do something again and again.

Speed dating can improve this disorder from the various interactions with other people. For example, if one has a cleanliness obsession from the numerous used glasses, realizing you cannot control will ease the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder levels. Excessive hand washing with fear of contracting germs can be an Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder. In Speed dating, realizing you can’t keep leaving people to go wash your hands will help reduce this mental disorder. Speed dating can also help you identify some of your triggers, and with the triggers identified, treatment becomes easier.

  1. Anxiety Disorder

This mental disorder makes people respond to situations and thoughts with dread and fear. Anxiety can show symptoms like rapid heartbeats, excessive sweating and shortness of breath. Anxiety has various triggers and labelled different. For instance, social anxiety will happen if you are in social places like speed dating events. Social Anxiety Disorder makes people afraid of social interaction and makes it difficult for affected people to function well in such places.

Speed dating is a social event, can be helpful to such people. Connecting with others in such safe places will make you relax, and talking will help reduce the inbuilt pressure. Distracting the mind and spending an evening in speed dating chatting, and giggling with others will help reduce anxiety.

  1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

These are frightening thoughts and memories that are caused by traumatic experiences. This condition makes a victim numb to emotions, especially if they find themselves in situations that remind them of their traumas.

Speed dating can be an opportunity to meet with people who have recovered from this mental disorder or also therapists that can be of help. In case your trauma is a result of sexual assault, meeting and interacting with other people will help lessen the trauma because you come to the realization not everyone is after harming you.

  1. Impulse control and addiction disorders.

People with this mental illness are unable to resist urges to do things that can endanger them and those around them.

Speed dating can serve as a good distraction to this type of patients. Having their minds preoccupied and with schedules running the speed date event, anyone with this type of disorder will have no time to sink into their thoughts and pursue harm.

Participating in various speed dating will make you feel more natural as you keep meeting new people and being comfortable around them. Every speed date, you will learn something new and master good impressions. Being confident and able to create a solid conversation within a short period of time will help keep your mind focused and in great condition. Virtual Speed dating is a good tool to help improve mental health.

Paul Petersen