How The Armored Vehicles Are Functionally Different?

How The Armored Vehicles Are Functionally Different?

There are certain things that emerge as a style statement but go on to become a necessity, especially if they are meant for safety reasons. This stands true for armored vehicles. Using them might initially seem to be a style statement but when you think of it from a safety perspective it turns out to be a good investment. 

Features of armored vehicles 

  • Armored vehicles are multifunctional and are used not only for travel purposes of high profile people but are also meant for transportation of precious valuables and high amounts of cash. 
  • Armored vehicles are the best options for secretive transits as they are equally capable of safeguarding you and your valuables from armed robbery or terror attacks since they come with bullet-proof glasses. 
  • These vehicles, other than being bulletproof, are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures as well.

How armored vehicles are different from regular vehicles? 

  • The Raw Materials: The raw materials used in the making of armored vehicles is mostly heavy-duty metals like steel as they give better longevity, thereby making the vehicle completely safe for transportation. Mostly, the steel used in the making of the armored vehicles is fully corrosion-resistant and is hardened to make it bullet-proof as well. It is treated with high heat through chromium and nickel addition during forging. Though some regular cars are nowadays made from stainless steel, the process of making them bulletproof is absent. 
  • There’s A Huge Difference In Design: Unlike the sleek luxury cars, the armored cars are highly ballistic-resistant. Hardened steel is used in manufacturing their body and thickness depends on the resistance level. Windows are made of laminated glass, which are equally bulletproof.
  • The Glass Is Bulletproof But Very Lightweight: Their windshields stay at an angle of 45 degrees so that they can be used to lower wind or create wind resistance. 
  • The Durable Tires: These armored vehicles have such durable tires that are capable of running flat or in the deflated state for quite a few miles together. 
  • The Exclusive Ram Bumpers: These are made of steel and can be used as roadblocks or to push through other vehicles at times of need. 

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Nicholas Jansen