How the new Motor Vehicles Act puts us on the road to safety

How the new Motor Vehicles Act puts us on the road to safety

The Indian legislation has not been through changes that would affect almost all the citizens. And as a matter of fact, the New Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act of 2019 is said to impact everyone.

The road accident rates across the country were getting out of hand. Implementation of stricter road safety rules and inculcating discipline was essential. This is where the New Motor Vehicle Act, 2019 comes into the picture.

Not only the act has hefty penalties imposed for breaking the traffic safety rules but also makes people responsible towards following them. For instance, not giving way to emergency vehicles can cost you a fine of INR 10,000.

Also, there is a significant increase in the number of vehicles running on the Indian roads. Due to this reason, there is an increase in the number of road fatalities as well. The death rate due to road mishaps is off the charts. Over 34 percent of road accidents were due to two-wheelers alone.

Hence, with the Motor Vehicle Act 2019, the Indian government hopes to get the rate of road accidents across the country under control. The changes made were essential as it helps us keep up with the innovative technology in the automobile industry.

With hefty penalties, the law also proposes cashless treatments for road accident victims so as to save lives. Also, people who voluntarily come to help the victims will not be harassed. Getting a driver’s license will be difficult if you lack adequate skills. Moreover, the driving tests are bound to become technology-driver to decrease corruption.

However, the major impact of the New Motor Vehicle Act is on the increased penalties on reckless drivers. This will thus force people to abide by the traffic safety rules, further reducing the road accident rate in India.

The Motor Vehicle Act is even more robust for cab aggregators, vehicle manufacturers, and road contractors. Heftier penalties will be imposed on road contractors for faulty road designs, which is bound to transform India’s road transportation system altogether.

A Final Thought

The New Motor Vehicle Act of 2019 is set to change how the Indian traffic safety authority functions with a hope to make Indian roads safer. Apart from following the said rules to avoid hefty penalties or imprisonment, people should also carry valid documents at all times. These documents include a valid driver’s license, active motor insurance, RC book, PUC, and so on.

Make sure that all these documents are appropriate and available with you whenever asked by the traffic police. Missing out on any of the paperwork can also lead to fines. The Motor Vehicle Act is said to establish a reliable framework for all forms of road transportation, build a multimodal transport system, and promote road safety across the country.

Clare Louise