How to Achieve Maximum Productivity in Life

How to Achieve Maximum Productivity in Life

Almost every person wants to be a better version of him/herself; however, you should always remember that it takes time before one can see a significant change in habitual patterns. This is because, over time, people cultivate either good or bad practices in life consciously and subconsciously. Thus, for you to see a positive change on yourself, it starts by being kind to yourself as well as your mistakes. Real changes take time and patience; the good part of this narrative is that people can begin to see results by simply implementing small adjustments. 

Working towards becoming a better version of yourself is a very imperative part of being successful. Doing an introspective search in your life is an activity that should be done regularly. This will help you to gauge yourself and know what input you need to include and the adjustments that need to be made. Be sure to visit MindsetLab to get more self-development materials and information.

There are a couple of things you can implement in your life to achieve maximum productivity. As you apply some of these key principles, keep in mind that there aren’t any short cuts; this means you’ll have to exercise patience before you see any significant change. 

Have a Realistic To-Do List

The main reason for making a to-do list is to give you a guide on what needs to be done; therefore, it has to be as simple as possible. People usually go wrong by jamming the list to point of making them confused and overwhelmed. The simpler your list is, the more you’ll be able to accomplish your tasks efficiently. A good way of avoiding procrastination is to be as flexible as possible. Some tasks on your list will take longer than others; hence, learn to readjust yourself accordingly to accomplish most of the items on the list. The rule of thumb here is to keep your list short and simple. This would enable you to be orderly thereby enabling you to complete your tasks.

Set Milestones

Something that is closely related to a to-do list is setting goals. When you have a large project, taking on such a task can create a feeling of being overwhelmed. Plus, trying to tackle it without a plan would be a waste of your time, money, and energy. Ergo, the most effective way to go about it is by breaking the large project into deliverables. You should do this even before assigning specific time to the goals. Analyze the requirement of every single goal then approximate the time it’ll take you to finish the small tasks. You’ll be amazed at how achievable the big task is. Also, don’t forget to identify the specific help you’ll be needing should the project require expert assistance. 


This is a term that is very important when it comes to executing your goals. No matter how impressive your to-do list is, without the right focus, you won’t be able to achieve the right results. Whatever your personal or business priorities are, you should always work towards executing your goals. You can simply achieve this by implementing the 90-90-1 rule. Never heard of it? The rule works by dedicating the first 90 minutes of your day in 90 days to 1 important task, hence the 90-90-1. This eventually helps in setting the pace of your day before it even begins, thus aiding you to focus on the most relevant task. 

Follow up Strategies

Setting up goals is usually the easiest part, the challenging segment shows up during implementation. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to ensure you’ve set up proper strategies that’ll facilitate honest accountability of the goals you’ve planned to achieve. Poor follow up strategies are normally the things that lead to an unproductive lifestyle. Having a person whom you are accountable to can greatly help you in ensuring every goal is met. This might mean sharing the things you plan to achieve with someone else. 


There’s a lot of things that a person can do to increase productivity in his or her life. The points outline above provides a few helpful ways that can aid a person in becoming the best version of him/herself. 


Nicholas Jansen