How To Become A Commercial Pilot | Salary & Perks- Receptix

How To Become A Commercial Pilot | Salary & Perks- Receptix

Becoming a commercial pilot comes with its set of challenges. The job requires long periods of time traveling away from home. Also, there are nights, holidays and weekends that might be working. But most would argue there are more pros than cons in this professional line of work. As a result, the perks and benefits are totally worth it. The commercial pilot salary alone is enough to attract people to this field.

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Commercial Pilot Salary & Perks

An entry-level commercial pilot salary in India can be up to 15LPA, which comes to an average of 1.25 Lakh per month. This package is one of the highest packages at an entry-level position. Moreover, with relevant experience, this amount can double up to 30 LPA. In fact, the more experienced and versatile a pilot is, the higher their potential earnings are. Some commercial pilots also take on charters or private plane services, which increases their earnings even more.

Apart from the high pay scale, there are other kinds of perks that a commercial pilot can enjoy, for instance:

  • Health, life, vision as well as dental insurance.
  • A retirement plan.
  • Paid vacation time, that increases incrementally on the basis of the years of service.
  • Lots of free time pursuing leisure activities or other business aspirations during layovers.
  • Opportunity to travel the world.
  • Free or subsidized travel fee after retirement

So now the question is how can one become a commercial pilot? There are a few simple steps to become a commercial pilot:

Step #1 Meet The Minimum Eligibility Criteria

As an applicant, you must be at least 18 years old. They must be able to read, speak, write, as well as understand English. They must also hold at least a private pilot certificate. One of the most popular reasons behind why a candidate cannot begin their commercial training is lack of experience. A pilot requires at least 250 hours to receive a commercial pilot permit.

Step #2 Clear The Medical

You will need at least a 2nd Class aviation medical certificate to employ your commercial pilot privileges. So make sure to get your certificate before completing your commercial training.

Step #3 Take The FAA

To become a commercial pilot you need to clear the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exam. It is recommended to give the written exam in the early stages of your commercial training. This way, you will possess the extra knowledge in your head already. Moreover, if you have taken some time off, it will serve as a refresher course. Plus once your written exam is complete, you can put your focus on flying.

Step#4 Gain Experience

As mentioned earlier, to become a commercial pilot you will need not only proficiency but also gain relevant flying experience. This means you will need at least 250 flight hours that must include 100 hours of pilot-in-command time as well as 50 hours of cross-country flying. Furthermore, you will need to gain at least 10 hours of instrument training along with 10 hours in a complex aircraft.

Step #5 Take The Checkride

As soon as you acquire the commercial flight procedures, you will then be signed off by your instructor for the check-ride. Keep in mind, the examiner will be observing what kind of commercial pilot you will become, so act very professionally. Do not be sloppy during the check-ride.

And that’s it! Once you clear your check-ride you will get your commercial pilot license.

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