How To Check Eligibility For Pilot Aviation School Of Your Choice

How To Check Eligibility For Pilot Aviation School Of Your Choice

For many people out there, flying is a dream. Getting to attend a pilot aviation school is what will make that dream a reality. Although a pilot’s job seems straightforward, there are many sides to their duties. This is why there are set requirements to study online aviation courses or in traditional aviation schools. If you’re considering getting into a pilot aviation school, you would need to know the eligibility requirements to get into the school.

To get your license and become a pilot, you will need to train with a flight school or an aviation academy. The eligibility requirements usually depend on the school or academy you would like to train with. It’s easy to check the eligibility to take some online aviation courses. You just need to visit the academy website and check out their requirements. However, most of these academies or flight schools tend to focus on the general requirements for getting your ATPL. We’ll be outlining some of the general requirements for training as a pilot; let’s dive right in.

Personal Requirement

To attain career fulfillment, you would require a passion for flight. This should be in addition to the several other qualities that airlines are looking for in potential students. You would require personal qualities like self-discipline, ambition, pressure tolerance, motivation, and maturity for your age. These are vital attributes that most aviation schools are looking for in prospective pilots’ profiles.

Education Requirement

Prospective pilots looking to register for aviation schools and take online aviation courses must have at least a high school education. Proficiency in the English language, a pass in physics and mathematics are important educational requirements. Some aviation schools or programs might require more from prospective pilots before they can get in.

Medical Requirement

The medical requirement for most pilot aviation schools is to receive a class 1 medical certificate. To be able to get this, you’ll need to get your coordination, hearing, eyesight, and overall health checked out. This medical certification is required throughout your flying career. So, it is best to get it while it’s early, as it will affect how fast you get your ATPL.

Age And Nationality Eligibility

Before you can apply to pilot aviation schools to learn traditional and online aviation courses, you need to be up to 17 years of age. You can only start training when you’re about 18 years old. Some programs require you to be in the country where your training program is taking place. Luckily, when you sign up to take online aviation courses, you don’t necessarily have to live in the training program.


There would be computer-based aptitude testing, exercises, competency interviews, personality questionnaires, and many more. These are to identify people who are most likely to excel in pilot training. It also points out those suitable for pilot careers.

David Lockhart