How To Choose A 55+ Active Community

How To Choose A 55+ Active Community

Finding a 55+ active community can become very stressful, especially when you are looking for a loved one. Finding the right community takes time and patience. Many factors may want to be taken into consideration, like the cost, location, and the care that will be received. These are just a few things, depending on insurance, and the state also plays a significant part. For instance, if you are looking for 55+ Florida communities, the location may play a more significant factor in your search because you may prefer something close to the beaches. Don’t let the search frighten you. With the help of this list and a little elbow grease, you will find the perfect community! Let’s jump right in!

Plan Your Budget

Many 55+ communities work with all types of budgets. Some places may have a one-time yearly fee that includes all extras like golf, tennis, or the gym. While others will charge extra for each membership, check into the places and things around the community. The cost of living is another thing to factor in, and this could make a difference in your budget.


Location! Location! Location is an important factor that comes into play. Do you prefer to live near a beach and lots of sunshine? There are several homes that are in 55+ Florida communities near the beach. Are you close to the grocery store, the gas station, or the pharmacy? Maybe you are looking for something a little more remote, possibly out of the busy city? Your surroundings are just as important as your home, so make sure you look at what is around you?

Needs and Wants

What kind of lifestyle do you plan to have? Are you planning to play golf or tennis? Are you big into arts and crafts? You will want to look at what amenities these communities offer. Are you planning on spending a lot of time outside or inside? You don’t want to move somewhere that rains or is cold all the time if you are an outdoors person. Think about the surrounding amenities too.


Do your research! You wouldn’t purchase a car without test driving it right, so why not do the same when looking for an active community? Visit the communities and the things and places around them. This should help give you a better understanding of what kind of lifestyle they offer and what is around you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make a list of things you are looking for and things you do not want. Some places have restrictions on leaving the property or having guests. What is the staff like, bedside manner is essential to look into because your overall health and well being will be in their hands. Take notes from each place you visit and compare it with the others. Make sure to do your research!

Age Restrictions and Age Targeted Communities

What do these mean, and what is the difference you ask? Age restriction communities are usually calmer and stick more to 55+ persons, but that doesn’t mean that it always applies. Age targeted communities are generally more lively and welcome people of all ages and seem to be a little more inviting to children. If this is a deciding factor for you, then make sure to ask about their rules on age restrictions.

Finding a 55+, active community can be scary and stressful. Take your time and do your research. Moving into a 55+ active community is a significant change and a new chapter in your life. Hopefully, this list was helpful to you and will help along the way in the search.

Nicholas Jansen