How to Choose A Good US Accountant

How to Choose A Good US Accountant


Only three people know all your secrets, your doctor, your accountant and your spouse. So, you need to be very careful while choosing all three. Like choosing anyone else that’s working with you closely, you need to keep several aspects in mind before choosing an accountant. One of the most important aspects to keep in mind is to ensure that you and the accountant gel well, because like the doctor, you are going to have a long, maybe even a lifelong professional relationship with them. Here are four other aspects that you should look at, before you select a US accountant

They should be eligible to work in the US: A US resident will file their taxes in the US. Because an accountant also must prepare, approve and submit several documents, they need to be eligible to work in the US.  The best way to find a list of US accountants is the Internet. Many accountants have their websites and almost all of them have a social media presence. All you need to do is look for these online accountants.  Its logical, you’d need an American accountant in the US to file your US tax return

They should have help:  The accountancy profession requires someone to run to and fro offices quite a bit, even if most of the tasks nowadays are done online. So, make sure that the US accountant you are looking at hiring has the required help that will have them function the office. 

It Should be a mix of experience and enthusiasm:  Most accountant firms have more than one person at the helm of things. In this way, they have an experienced person at the top and enthusiastic people working in a flat hierarchy. 

They should know how to work online: Like all Government services, even accountancy has gone online. Almost every document that an accountant needs to send to the IRS or other Government institutions can now be sent online. Therefore, your accountant should be somewhat of an online accountant – they should know how to function over the Internet and know how to handle the online side of accountancy. 

These are some aspects you need to keep in mind while looking for accountancy services. To search for someone who fits the bill, you can either ask around in your circles or even look online and on social media websites.

David Lockhart