How To Choose Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

How To Choose Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

Choosing music is one of the crucial and fun tasks you will have during wedding planning. Music creates the atmosphere, talks about the couple’s tastes, and plays a vital role in giving character to the celebration. The musical trend they choose will depend on the type of celebration they are planning, the time and place, and of course their abilities as selectors.

Wedding Plan                                                                                                                                   

Within the tasks that must be performed for the planning of the wedding celebration, the choice of music should preferably be made months before. This will help the couple to calmly think about the available options, reserve with the necessary time in the case of live music, and change the option in the event in which it is required.

Some moments must be taken into account, the time during the ceremony, as well as the party that require musical intervention is the second step to assess the type of music they want. The list below could serve as a guide:


Although it depends a lot on the kind of celebration they plan, you can identify some moments in which music is the protagonist. At the beginning of the party, it is ideal to have a musical background that allows guests to enter the atmosphere and wait for the new couple to enter.

If the party is with a dance, open it with that song that they chose especially, which they have been rehearsing for a few weeks. For the banquet, you can move to a quieter genre or continue the party giving the option that the guests remain on the track and the atmosphere does not cool.

It is increasingly common to have a surprise show in the middle of the party, be it a music change, the delivery of costume accessories or the entrance of a special show. Everything that demonstrates the creativity and spirit of the bride and groom is allowed here.

Live Music, DJ Or Personal Selection

Here the list of preferences returns to be the protagonist. Both for the ceremony and the party, the choice of the live ensemble or the DJ will depend on the musical genre that encloses the taste of both. It is good to keep in mind, that especially for the ceremony, live music gives solemnity and elegance to the moment.

Ideally, have an appointment with the chosen option, and listen to them live. This will give them a hint of the timbre and character they will have in their day.

Another excellent option is to have a DJ that mixes from the beginning of the party and takes care of both the protocols and the most festive moments, and give the night a more urban and cosmopolitan nightclub atmosphere.

As with the music for the ceremony, it is recommended to make an appointment with the selected groups or Lancaster wedding djs, listen to them live, and request a budget in which it is included both the hours of presentation and transport, the sound requirements, and the staff of platform support.

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