How to Choose the Right PG for yourself in Indore

How to Choose the Right PG for yourself in Indore

Great career and business opportunities, reputed educational institutes and good quality of life, with amenities comparable to a metropolitan city, have made Indore home for thousands of migrants every year. Add to this the variety of rental accommodation options, great civic amenities, a welcoming vibe and the city becomes a much sought-after destination to fulfill one’s lifestyle aspirations. As the city has evolved, renting a PG in Indore have become a top choice for youngsters, as they are not only comfortable but an economical option. Having said that, while there might be many unorganized options, the city has over the past few years welcomed some branded, new-age PG avatars and professionally managed accommodation solutions like Stanza Living, which are well-outfitted, full-service places that are located in some of the choicest areas of the city like Rau, Bhawar Kuan, Geeta Bhawan, Vijay Nagar and more.

So next time you go hunting for a PG or hostel in Indore, this is what you need to do:

Go for Value for Money

Your budget plan is a fundamental place to start from. But it’s important to be smart in your planning. For example, factor in that if a place has low upfront rent, but is too far from your college/workplace, you may end up spending a bomb on commute. Similarly, are utility costs included in your rent or will they be an additional monthly expense? Next, is the place furnished and does the landlord promise you services like cooking, housekeeping, etc, or do you have to manage all these on your own/hire a household, etc? All these things can be unfactored add-ons to your budget so you should focus on calculating these and finding the true value of choosing a place before locking it in.

Choose a Place that is Well-connected

After you have picked your area of interest, check for how well-connected it is to your places of interest. Is it close to your college or office and helps you save time and money on commute?  Does it have a well-aligned transportation network? Does it offer some great places of relaxation or places that cater to your interest – cafes, entertainment options, sports facilities, etc? Does the locality have good residential facilities, parks, markets, ATMs, medical stores/ hospitals other important amenities in the vicinity? If the place happens to tick off most of these criteria, you know you’ve found a great option.

Security Measures are Important

It is essential to figure out how safe a location is. Avoid opting for places that are isolated/ not well-connected to the rest of the city. Just in case, be cognizant of things like the location of the nearest police station, emergency service hospital etc. But even more important than all these is the day to day security infrastructure at your place of residence. When you put up in a managed accommodation by Stanza Living, then all your security-related worries are put to rest. They provide very tight security measures like CCTV perimeter monitoring outside all residences, have a 24/7 security guard on board, and as extra security the inhabitants can only enter the house by biometric access.

This just the beginning of the checklist that we need to keep in mind when selecting the right PG hostel in Indore. As all of us have diverse requirements and lifestyle needs, we can of course add to these things, but make sure your basics are covered. Also, it is extremely critical to understand that even if you have found your ideal place, there can be many a slip between the cup and the lip so do check out reviews, figure out how transparent are the monetary discussions with your landlord and sign a water-tight rent agreement so that your new journey can be as smooth as possible.

Bonnie Baldwin