How To Clean and Maintain Satillo Tiles

How To Clean and Maintain Satillo Tiles

Among various options of tile fitting, Satillo tiles are amazing which beautifies your floors. Satillo tiles are easy to install and clean. There is a certain process to clean and maintain Satillo tiles. The tiles you are talking about ages naturally with the passage of time. It’s rustic appearance and long-lasting feature makes it more demanding in tiles fitting market. For regular cleaning Satillo times demands only soap, water and non-acidic cleaning products. With regular cleaning and mopping gives flooring glittering and shiny look. No need to deep cleans it more frequently the situation occurs after 3-4 years. Mostly people apply top coat sealer to lock its shine. After 2-3 years top coat sealing would be required. 

Satillo tiles cleaning not require much labor, just mopping with good smelling floor cleaner works well. So far re-sealing is concerned it is an intensive process. As the mentioned tile requires regular cleaning re-sealing must be done by specialists. Mostly people sweep floor before mopping but dust accumulates between the gaps of tiles. Vacuum cleaning can absorb the dirt then mopping will be more effective. As the time passes Satillo tiles shows the sign of bumps and cracks. When clay filled between tiles got cracks tiles look dirty and messy even after cleaning. When the wax coating gets dull you can hire experts such as Satillo tile cleaning Houston. Save your time and money with the tiles cleaning services in Houston.  With the efficient cleaning and re-sealing process you can enhance life span of your tile flooring.

Satillo tiles have grout joints so string mopping could do a better job. Never use harsh chemical for cleaning tile flooring. Mild detergent, liquid cleaner or some drops of vinegar could do magic. If your floor faces high traffic, you must use disinfectant too. If you use alkaline cleaner and scrub over it the task gets easier. After scrubbing, tiles must be rinse well to avoid slipping.  As the technology grows the kind of tiles becomes numerous. You can go for terra-cotta tiles and make your life easier. There is a slight difference between red clay tile and Satillo tile. Clay tiles are liable to lost its shape when comes in the contact of heat. On the other hand, Satillo tiles are inflammable. Be sure water never accumulates between the gaps of tile. Vacuuming and mopping must be best solution avoid washing. Keep in mind to fix felt pads while moving heavy furniture to avoid scratching. 

Never allow liquid detergents and cleaners to rinse off upon the floor, it will diminish the shine. You should scrub or brush the floor aggressively while cleaning. Sometimes your floor looks messy even after deep cleaning that’s because of grout lines accumulate dirt. In this situation acidic cleaning would be effective.  Satillo tile cleaning Houston services can do a spectacular job. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can add beauty and durability to your tile flooring. Once in a month you can use gloss polish to enhance shine of your flooring. Satillo tile flooring are highly in demand but need certain cleaning tricks. Hiring the experts and getting the cleaning job done every now and then can increase the life of your floor and you can have amazing floor always.

Paul Petersen