How to Connect Two Tents Together

How to Connect Two Tents Together


Camping is one of the most fun activities, especially if done with friends and family. And this fun can be maximised if you get connected tents. They let you stay together yet have privacy. Even if you are not camping with your friends, you can still choose to have connected tents. This will let you have more space and have a luxurious stay even while camping. 

But it needs some additional steps and brainstorming than regular tents. Also, different methods can be used for this purpose. So, we will discuss some of the steps to help you have a properly connected comfortable tent. Let’s begin!

The Connected Tents

Some of the tents are made to be connected. In other words, their design is suitable for easy connection. Such tents don’t need additional brainstorming. You will also not need to buy many or any extra setups or fixtures. This depends on the type of connected tents you want and find. So, finding out the perfect tent may take some effort. But it will save you from the additional hassle of planning the connection of two separate tents. To connect them, you can follow the steps mentioned in the manual that comes with the tents. Checkout this guide on how to connect two tents together.

Zipping and Clipping

Another way to get connected tents is by using zippers and clippers. You can connect the doors for this. You will need to do a bit of planning and adjustments to connect the separate tents though. Such type of tents can be a good idea if you can’t find suitably connected tents. This is also a good idea if you suddenly wish to get connected tents but are short on time. The steps for connecting such tents are as follows:

  • Plan the placing of the tents so that the doors of both can be connected
  • Erect them using the steps given in the manual
  • Use zips or binders to connect the doors of the tents
  • Clip the doorway fabric to have an uninterrupted connection
  • Make an alternate exit way

For such type of tents, square or dome-shaped tents are the best choices.

Tarp Hallways

In the above tent type, you can make an addition. You can use a tarp or any other fabric and make hallways type of structure. This will let you have a connection and some space. So, you will not have to worry about your whispers travelling to other tents. For such arrangement, you only need to:

  • Place the tents at desired distances
  • Erect them using the steps given in the manual
  • Create passage using a tarp

Partitioned Tents

These are very big tents which can be divided using different types of partitions. You can add, remove or change the partitions as and when required. However, you will need to have the partitions and attachments handy for this. The steps to be followed are:

  • Erect the tent as mentioned in the manual
  • Create partition by using binders and fabric or tarp
  • Leave or create doorways to get to the other side

Camping need not be the usual monotony always. You can make it a different experience by choosing a different type of tent. Learn about how to choose tents for camping here. 

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