How To Create Engaging Blog Titles For Readers And SEO?

How To Create Engaging Blog Titles For Readers And SEO?

Writing good content is a great job. But all of your target at getting the content read and ranked in Google search results. Unfortunately, this is where most of you get stuck. Almost all websites have content but how many make it on the first page of Google’s search results is a question that bothers many. Well, this is where the titles of the blog play the game.

According to many digital marketing company in Delhi, titles can sell content. This is because the titles represent what the content deals with in the emails, search engines and social media. Therefore, if you have to create content to which you want your users to stick, it is necessary to create engaging blog titles as suggested by the SEO company in Delhi.

Here are some rules that you can follow to write compelling blog titles.

  1. Write a title roughly

The title of the blog should indeed be as perfect as possible. However, before you get into the nitty-gritty of the title, write one roughly. Remember, the title should be as close to the topic of the content. Do not write anything that has no connection to the content. Since readers or visitors to your website will look into your article or blog by looking at the title first, redefine it later.

  1. Maintain accuracy

When trying to bring perfection to a blog or article’s title, maintaining accuracy is the key. The more accurate you are, the better will your audience understand the topic of the content. Many consider that writing bombastic titles will fetch you more traffic. Now, think carefully and try to analyze. If people do not understand the title of your content, they will never read a single word. Instead, they will lose interest and leave your page. Therefore, you lose the traffic that you could have gained if you maintained the accuracy that the title demands.

  1. Make it enjoyable to read

Only being accurate in the title is not enough. You have tomake the title interesting enough to make your readers or visitors read it and share it. The best policy that you can follow to make this happen is to write in a language in which your customers can resonate. Also, the information that you put up in your content or web page should be valuable enough to make the readers feel helpful. If you want your readers to have some fun, you can use alliteration or some simile.

  1. Keep an eye on the length of the title

No one likes a blog or article that has a title as long as two lines. Not only is it confusing, but also dull enough to let your users leave your web page immediately. Therefore, make sure that the title of the content does not have more than 70 words. However, the content’s title largely depends on your goals and the platform in which the content will appear.

  1. Discuss the title with an expert

If you are not confident about the blog’s title, you can discuss it with an expert. If you do not have adequate time to write blogs and articles for your site, the best would be to hire professional content writers and give them the responsibility to create content on your behalf. Writing is an art and requires adequate time to create something unique from scratch.


Therefore, only writing blogs and articles are not enough. If you have to draw more traffic to your site, make sure that the content has a catchy appropriate title to attract more customers.Lastly for initial momentous you can hire a ppcmarketing services to promote it. Togetherall, will definitely help you to achieve your goal.

David Lockhart