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It doesn’t take a genius to realize that finding the right target market on Facebook is the key to success. Without the help, support, and recognition within a niche market there is very little chance of a campaign getting the momentum it needs to reach a bigger audience.

Experts in a Facebook ads agency can easily identify the best audience for a brand or company and their services are very useful. However, as the owner or marketing head of the company, you too should know how to customize the ads to reach its intended market. Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1: Data Gathering

The very first step in creating a successful target market profile is doing some research and data gathering. This is the easiest step because there is very little effort done on your part, but a lot of it relies on Facebook itself. This step is commonly referred to as the targeting of a broad audience.

Facebook uses its data and algorithm to find the best audience of your brand and pushes your ads on their newsfeed. This gives you the unique chance of seeing how well your brand performs on a cold audience giving you insight on how to proceed with your marketing efforts.

Step 2: Brand Awareness

After gathering enough data with the help of Facebook, you can start to narrow down your target audience and share your brand. Brand awareness will make a major difference when you are still starting as a small company. If no one knows who you are, why would they pay attention?

With the help of a Facebook ads agency, a brand recognition campaign can start as soon as you have identified the potential market. Once your audience becomes familiar with your brand, their interest will and possibly business will follow suit.

Step 3: The Local Market

What is the point of putting a lot of effort into building a recognizable brand when it is out of reach? The next step is to tap into the local market because these are the people who can easily prioritize your brand or services. Reaching the local target audience can be done via Facebook groups and its very own algorithm.

Once the locals are made aware of your brand and what you offer, they will start paying attention which can turn leads into sales in no time.

Step 4: Find A Lookalike Audience

The best way to expand your reach across Facebook is to use a lookalike audience. Although they may still be considered a cold audience because they do not know about your brand, their profiles are very similar to who you are already targeting. This means you can easily find others who may be interested in your brand using the lookalike profiles.

Start big when you first launch a Facebook ad campaign and slowly reduce your reach until you finally find the right audience. Once you have finally found your people, you can put all your effort into becoming a brand they prioritize over others.

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Bonnie Baldwin