How to deal with Allergy To The Carpet

How to deal with Allergy To The Carpet

Is the carpet responsible for your allergies? Today we will look into the most important facts about it.

Mites: The True Culprits Of Our Allergies

We all want to live in a healthy and hygienic habitat: so you end up with a gray face in front of the carpet because you are allergic, that’s not true. The allergy to the alfombras para uso rudo does not exist. The makers here are the mites. So tiny that they are invisible to the naked eye, mites, and especially their droppings, will cause respiratory allergies, such as asthma, and cutaneous. Our immune system interprets these substances not necessarily harmful as pathogens and will react excessively: hence the allergic symptoms (sneezing, runny nose, itching).

The mites, feeding on our dead skin and living in the house dust, and their droppings, suspended in the ambient air, are found in every home, even the cleanest. Nevertheless, these little beasts, causing trouble for many of us, appreciate some places more than others.

The Favorable Actions Of The Carpet, Unknown To The General Public

The alfombras para sala can indeed be an asset in the fight against allergies. It naturally retains dust and allergenic substances in its fibers, preventing them from wandering in the air and entering our airways. They will be eliminated the next time you vacuum. Properly maintained carpeting in no way aggravates respiratory diseases and can even reduce them.

In comparison, the level of dust and allergens in the ambient air of rooms equipped with hard and pisos antiderrapantes can be up to 50% higher: not being able to be retained by these coatings, the dust will thus remain suspended in the air. No reason to deprive you if the textiles floors make you crack.

Edward Powell