How To File A Car Accident Report In California?

How To File A Car Accident Report In California?

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Even after taking several precautions, you can never guarantee about skipping one. But in case you suffer from one, there are specific preventive measures that you must take precisely after the accident. In case you can move away from the vehicle, the first thing you need to do is find a car accident lawyer near me.

Along with that, you might consider calling 911 immediately to let the concerned authorities know about your location and current situation. Only then can you get proper medical help and other services as well. Among the other services, you need to be well aware of how to file a complaint regarding the car accident. You can find affordable services for motorcycle accident lawyer near me to handle the situation effectively. 

Reasons for Filing a Car Accident Report

Also, you must report these events sequentially to your insurance company to get the due benefits and medical facilities on time. But make sure to get all these activities done in the presence of a reputed truck accident lawyer near me. The attorney would be able to guide you through the filing procedure and all other necessary paperwork for your benefit.

Every state has its rules and regulations for car accident reports. When in California, the survivors must report or file the details of the car accident to the concerned authorities for multiple reasons. It provides essential information to the police, thereby helping the medical officers to provide aid to the needy ones.

Reporting to the Law Enforcement 

The California Vehicle Code Section 20008 states that any driver of the vehicle involved in a car accident must report the incident within 24 hours. He/she needs to file the written report of the incident to the California Highway Patrol or the concerned police department wherever the accident has occurred.

Also, you need to need to file the report to the California DMV within ten days, if:

  • Anyone was injured in the accident
  • Anyone died at the accident scene, and/or
  • If the crash commenced some severe property damages

Even if the officials visit the accident site, he/she will be preparing a written report of the entire incident on behalf of the department. In that case, you might not have to file the report all by yourself. But make sure to keep your attorney by your side to avoid any confusion with the law enforcement officers.

Reporting to the Insurance Agency

While you decide to let the law enforcement agency be aware, you also need to inform your insurance company. Although there aren’t any strict laws against such policies, yet it is safe to let the officials know about the incident. You must do so in case you need to file for claims for your vehicle or medical bills. Remember that the car insurance company would provide you some coverage even if your accident were a minor.  

Filing such reports can be very crucial for your safety. That is why you need to hire the best legal services of firms like Nakase Law Firm. The company is well-known in and around the country for its excellent legal services. Feel free to contact them for more information through email or phone facilities. 


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