All over the world, the corporate business environment keeps undergoing a gradual shift in the general understanding of the nature of work. More and more brands are keying into the concept of work that requires a less physical presence of parties involved. Hence, the birth of freelancing. According to a recent survey, a significant 40% of US workers will be freelancers by 2020. Like every other civilized country, the UAE is not getting left behind. According to the Head of LinkedIn Talent Solutions for Southern Europe and MENA, Ali Matar, the company sees an increase in the number of companies seeking to employ the services of freelancers to get work done.

Being a freelancer in a developed nation like the UAE is quite the dream job as there are unlimited opportunities available to people who want to work from anywhere. However, there are basic requirements that must be possessed by anyone looking to be a freelancer in the UAE. First, such a person must obtain a UAE freelance visa. There are a lot of options available to choose from. According to Business Incorporation Zone, the most cost-effective option to consider still remains Creative City Fujairah. Benefits of the offer include a freelancer permit that comes with a one-year trade license and an establishment card, unrestricted access to flexi-desk facilities (such as meeting rooms, a P.O Box and premium internet access), plus eligibility to apply for up to three visas. This UAE freelance visa comes at an affordable cost of AED 26,000.

The process to set up in the UAE with a freelance visa is a quite simple and straightforward process. Direct applications can be made to the Department of Economic Development or Municipality in the Emirate you are setting up in. Alternatively, you can apply to the free zones which include the Creative City Fujairah amongst others where applications can be done online.

However, one needs to employ the services of a company formation expert who would help manage the whole application process and, ensure that there are no omissions. As observed in past cases, the licenses get issued in a matter of days and, you’re all ready to go.

Working as a freelancer in Dubaistills remains one of the most comfortable career choices out there. All you have to do is get your UAE freelance visa, work permit and work your way. After this, you can make any business decisions you have to make. You can go ahead to upgrade to a company, employ more people and get them set with employee visas. The possibilities are endless, but you have to make sure to carry a company formation expert along in all you do. That helps you stay out of avoidable trouble.

Edward Powell