how to make An Ethiopian food called kitfo?

how to make An Ethiopian food called kitfo?


Let’s talk about a classic Ethiopian dish, often found in Ethiopian restaurants, but rarely made at home, unless it’s a special occasion or holiday. With summer on us, it means weddings to attend, graduations to go there and many different celebrations around us that will gladly offer this dish. This is called ketchup, a steak tartare is usually served raw or cooked. Delicate presentation, served in a pottery bowl with a touch of Koba (a false banana leaf) underneath. Its ingredients are very simple, but even the taste and texture of good ketchup is quite challenging.

Kitfo Food – Naming it :

Its name is derived from the root word “K-T-F” which means “chopped or crushed”. Its origin comes from the Goraga region, in Shua province, Ethiopia. To date, the best kitties are to be found in the Goraga restaurants or the Goraga families. What makes this dish special is the sensitivity of the meat with the spicy taste of butter and spices. As simple as it may seem, this dish needs some sensitive, loving, caring. The beef should be chopped, finely chopped with all the fat removed, the spicy butter pre-prepared, and Mimithita a hot chili pepper powder made from Ethiopia’s warmest chili pepper should be well matched with the Karima butter (Ethiopian Cardamom) and the sea mixed. Salt.

Kitfo Recipe


There are basically two main ingredients to making good quality kitsu. One is beef and the other is spicy butter (or known as Kibbé). Beef should be high-quality and without red meat and remove all fat in it. It is better if the hand is broken. After mixing with Mitmita and toasted butter, seasoning becomes smooth and smooth. The second ingredient is Kibbé butter. Kibbé can be different from house to house and is usually made prematurely, not when making kitsu. The main components of spices are Kosseret (similar to thyme). Basobella (Ethiopian Basil); Korerima (Ethiopia Cardamom); Turmeric and Coriander Butter High quality cooked with these spices and clarified for the final result.

Kitfu is usually served with Ayeb (Ethiopian cheese) and Gomen (Clard vegetable), commonly eaten with Injera, the Ethiopian sponge. However, among the gourds in Ethiopia and in many restaurants in Kitafu, Coco is served, a bread made from false banana leaves and grated roots.

what we need to make this delicious ethiopia food ?

Ethiopian food

1 pound finely ground lowfat beef (hand-chopped preferably)
4-6 table spoons Kibbe (spiced with butter, found at your local Ethiopian store)
2 tea-spoon Mitmita powder (or more to taste)
2 tea-spoon Korerima ( cardamom ) powder ( or more to taste )
1 teaspoon sea salt

To prepare the raw dish: mix the minced beef with Mitmita, Korerima and Salt.
Melt the butter in a saucepan using low heat. When it is hot & liquefied, removed it from heat and add beef & mix it with the butter. Also Make sure you have mix all the ingredients well. Preferably use hands for mix according to taste. If you need more Mitmita, add it in to give its a nice and spicy kick. Make sure the butter does not get cold and serve it right. If you want to have a lean-to or slightly cooked, return it to the heat for a minute and keep mixing it. For a well done result, cook more.

Traditionally, Kitfo is eaten raw.

For making Ayeb, boil it at 32 ounces of buttermilk for low heat for about 15 to 20 minutes, until liquid it separates from the soft whitecurds. Gently pouroff the whey, getting ridof as much liquid as you can. The curds left behind is your Ayeb. Allow it for cool sometime before meal. Serve Kitfo with spoonful of Ayeb arrounding it, and mix the right into the Kitfo.

this recipe is the main but you can make it by other ingredients .

once you can test it in other forms and in different ways .

If you’ve never eaten Kitfo, this is your chance. It leaves the most stunning flavor on your taste the buds with simply melts in your mouth. Visit your local Ethiopian restaurant or be audacious and make it your own. Brundo has all the spices you need, including clarified butter if you don’t want to go through the process of clarifying your own butter.

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