How To Make Your Quality Coffee At Home

How To Make Your Quality Coffee At Home

If you are an aspiring barista or learning how to be a coffee roaster from home, you are probably wondering what coffee roasting entails. Roasting coffee is a simple yet intricate chemical process that transforms coffee beans from their original green color to a brown color. The process can be achieved by using different methods that will have an impact on the flavor because the ultimate goal of roasting is to bring out the aroma and zest locked inside the coffee beans.

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Main Stages

However, there are always three main stages that are involved in coffee roasting and they are the following.

Drying Stage

It can be done on a patio or with a machine and how long it lasts is dependent on the method that is used. If you do use a drying machine like a drum roaster, you need to ensure that the beans do not get burned by too much heat.

Browning stage

This is achieved by ‘popping’ the coffee beans. In this stage, a coffee roaster will slow down the roast to ensure peak flavor development.

Development Stage

In the final stage, the coffee finally cracks. It is important to slow down the roast here because if you don’t then it’s easy to end up with coffee that has a sharp flavor and tastes smoky.

Give It A Try

If you want to try out coffee roasting at home or as a professional one day, you need to understand that roasts come in different forms and are tabled accordingly. You can have anything from a light roast to a dark roast and it all depends on the length and heat during the process. If you want to start experimenting in your home you do need to have the following.

  • Green Coffee
  • Roaster – or even a popcorn maker if you do not have the money to buy one
  • A baking sheet for drying the beans
  • An airtight container to use for storage

Paul Petersen