How To Perfectly Pack A Backpack

How To Perfectly Pack A Backpack

The first thing that should be done when wanting to perfectly pack your backpack is divide your gear into three items. The first will be the camp items these will go at the bottom because you will not need them until you’re at the camping site. The second category is the frequently used items. These are the items you would mostly use during hiking. This is at the brain of the backpack or the front. The third category is the likely use items. Keep these items in the external compartment in case of emergency. Take inventory of your items to make sure that everything you are bringing is absolutely necessary.

The next aspect is balance. Making sure the weight is distributed properly will help you a lot during the journey. If things aren’t balanced correctly in can make the hiking part miserable. The heavy items should be placed close to your body and about mid way up on the back. The mid weight items should be put side to side for even distribution. The heaviest items will be the food and water supply. By keeping these items mid way up your back it will reduce the tug on your shoulder. Keeping the backpack balanced will help keep your center of gravity at the perfect sense.

The next thing is compression, the three categories are separated and the heavy items are identified. Packing the items that are can not be morphed such as the food and water should be placed accordingly and clothes and items that can be morphed can be layered around it and on top. The first thing you should do is pack your sleeping bag at the bottom. Next layer two or one of the items that will not morph. Fill in those gaps with items that can morph. Push down hard and keep repeating this until the mid back wear you will place the heavier items on the side that will be touching the back. Once done flip the brain over and zip it up. The backpack should not lean to either side but rather sit their perfectly level. There should be no flexing on the top of the bag if there is you must go back and feel those areas with items that can morph and push down hard.

Streamlined backpacks have changed the game of backpacking and made it much less stressful on the joints and back. The new technology gives the user more mobility and eliminates the fear of something falling out of the backpacking pack. Also sleeping pads have become more popular with camping and attaching this vertically onto the backpacking pack will make it much more comfortable.

Those are the things to do if you want to pack the best backpack. It is an art doing this therefore practice will make perfect. These tricks will make the trip that much more enjoyable. Also you will not have to worry about things falling out if you use a streamlined backpack. This will not only allow for better mobility but keep your things safe. All the items you packed will arrive at the camping site. There are many other different ways to pack a backpack but this seems to have worked the best. People feel more comfortable using this method because they say they don’t feel the backpacking tugging on the shoulders or that their lower back hurts due to the backpack. Take your time when packing because forgetting something can make for a bad trip.

Edward Powell