How to power your home without the solar grid

How to power your home without the solar grid


Have you ever dreamed of living off the grid? Of generating all your own energy from clean, renewable (and free) sources?

Today, living off the grid doesn’t mean living a primitive lifestyle. Advances in solar PV technology and home energy storage systems make living off-grid not only possible, but comfortable. Read on to learn how to power your home without the solar grid

Generating Your Own Electricity

Fortunately, homeowners can utilize multiple energy sources to power an off-grid lifestyle. Many choose to focus on solar, wind, and micro-hyrdo power, all free and renewable energy sources.

Required equipment may include an array of solar PV panels, wind generators, home energy storage batteries and inverters. In many cases, solar is the most cost-effective energy source.

Storing Your Generated Energy

Once you’ve generated power, you need to store it. After all, the sun doesn’t shine at night or when it’s cloudy.

The solution lies in smart batteries. These lithium-ion batteries can store enough generated power for homes to be self-sufficient, 24/7. Additional benefits include the ability automatically optimize energy consumption — a key consideration when living off-grid.

Because you can’t always count on the sun to shine or the wind to blow, energy conservation is an essential part of living off-grid. Home energy storage systems play a key role in increasing self-sufficiency so you can take the leap to alternative energy.

When considering how to power your home without the solar grid, researching your options is key. Technological advances in energy generation and home storage can turn an off-grid dream into reality.

David Lockhart