How to Spot Fake Diamonds

How to Spot Fake Diamonds

The market is full of counterfeit products, from that latest Adidas shoes, to a high-end skin care brand to even diamonds. There is a duplicate for everything. Amongst all this, it becomes difficult to distinguish the fake from the real. If you have ever bought loose diamonds or own a diamond jewellery and are worried about how authentic it is, there are some tests you can conduct which will help you spot the fake ones.

These tests are super easy to conduct and give you instant results.

  • The Fog Test – in a relatively cool room, blow hot air on the diamond. The purpose of doing this is to surround the diamond with warm moist air. A real diamond does not retain heat well and hence if the one in your hand is real, then the hot air will not create a fog on the surface. However, if it is a fake one, it will fog up instantly.
  • The Water Test – this is a very popular test for spotting fake diamonds. All you have to do is simply drop the lose stone in water. A real diamond is very dense and hence should ideally sink to the bottom of the glass. However, a fake one will float and not sink as quickly because they do not have high density.
  • The Newspaper Test – if you are wondering whether the love pendant that you bought for your girlfriend, is real or not, then conduct this easy test for which all you need is a newspaper. Place the diamond on top of the newspaper and check whether you can read the words on the newspaper through it. If the diamond is real, it will refract a very strong light and you will be able to see through and read anything. However, a fake one will be transparent and you will be able to see right through the newspaper and the lie your jeweller so convincingly told you while selling it!
  • The Candle Test – if you were looking through diamond pendant designs online and ended up impulse buying one, but are not unsure of its authenticity, then this simple test will help you be sure. For this test you will need a few things: a lighter or a candle, a pair of tweezers to hold the diamond, a glass of cold water and the diamond in question. Make sure you are only doing this for a loose diamond and not one that is sent in ring or a necklace. Once you have all the things in place, hold the loose stone with the tweezer over the lighter or candle flame for about 30-45 seconds. After that, immediately drop it in the glass of cold water. A real diamond will remain as in, unaffected by the heat and extreme temperature change as they are made of very strong material. However, a fake one on the other hand will shatter from the heat and not survive the test. Make sure to clean up properly after the test is over and not have any ash or broken pieces lying around in case the diamond was not real. Do not forget to clean and rinse the real diamond once the test is done.

While it is good to be able to conduct these tests at home and be able to stop a fake diamond from a real, it is best to always go and consult a jeweller you trust in case such a situation arises. They will be able to help you out and tell you for real about the authenticity of your diamond.

Bonnie Baldwin