How To Store My Post Earrings?

How To Store My Post Earrings?

Women who love to wear earrings often face the problem of storing them properly. There is a great chance that these earrings might just get lost when one is in most need of it. It is required to keep them safely stored so that one can use them whenever they want to. People mostly have this problem with their studs and post earrings as they are small and can get easily lost. To increase the lifetime of your earrings, or to store them properly, you can try out some of these steps.

Mini drawer

If you want to store your earrings in a place where it won’t get easily lost or damaged, you can go for the mini drawers. These mini drawers can easily be found in any supply Store especially where office supplies are sold. Along with the drawers try to get a piece of foam paper. This will allow you to pierce the earrings into the foam. Once the earrings have been cleared into the phone it will help the earrings to stay in a fixed place. This will help you in keeping your post earrings safe and a new one.

Ice tray

If you do not want to spend much on getting a Drawer for keeping all your earrings, then you can always go for the ice tray. The ice tray is not used anymore in your house and uses it as a storage box for all your studs and post earrings. It is not best for keeping long earrings. Therefore, you need to think before using it. These ice trays are the best option when you have a lot of earrings. All you need to do is to make two small holes in the ice tray so that It is able to hold the earrings.

Egg tray

Whenever we go to the mall to get some eggs, we are always given eggs on an egg tray. These egg trays can be used to store the post earrings or other earrings. To get rid of the smell, you can spray some acrylic paint over it. It’ll not only help in getting rid of the smell but also to make it look prettier. You can also cut the tray to give it some desired designs. This will help you in reducing the tray which you would have otherwise thrown away and also help you to save some money.


There are times when we do not have absolutely anything at home which we can use for other purposes. In such a scenario, it is much better for one to look for a ribbon. One can easily get hold of a ribbon from any Store and at a reasonable price. Once you are able to get hold of the ribbon, Make some piercing into it and put all your earrings. It is best for both studs as well as post earrings. Try to get a beautiful earring in a dark color so that it does not get dirty easily. However, you need to remember to change it once you are able to get hold of a suitable drawer.

Chocolate box or medicine box

If you are a chocolate lover or have an elderly person at home who needs to have medicine on a regular basis, you might be having a lot of medicine boxes. You can use these medicine boxes to store your post earrings so that they do not get lost. If you think it is too boring you can enhance its look by painting and design over its boring body. It is much better to reuse things that are just lying around at a corner of your home than spending money on getting something similar.

Bonnie Baldwin