How to Take Care of Light-Colored Sofas

How to Take Care of Light-Colored Sofas

If you purchased a light-colored couch to compliment your living room, you most likely received information about the size and material, as well as wash care recommendations. Daily maintenance advice, on the other hand, may be lacking. That is why we have come. Continue reading to learn how to care for light-colored modular sofas:

  1. Keep stains at bay

While seated on the sofa, do not eat, drink, paint your nails, apply cosmetics, or do anything else. Food and artificial colours are infamous for producing stains that are difficult to remove. Also, if you avoid these hobbies, your husband and children will follow suit and help you preserve light-colored sofas at home with a little persuasion.

  1. Vacuuming on a regular basis

Vacuum your sofas and surrounds on a regular basis to avoid dirt and dust gathering on them. This will also aid in maintaining the room’s air quality.

  1. Cleaning on a regular basis

Everything that is tinted in light tones is connected with daily clean-up. Modular sofas with light colours are no exception. Apart from vacuuming, get them cleaned on a regular basis and clean the furniture surrounding them to prevent dust accumulation.

  1. Move it or hide it

Consider temporarily transferring your light-colored sofa to another room if you have a party with some beverages and foods items that create stains. If your sofa is too heavy for this, consider purchasing on some slipcoversto keep light-colored couches in good condition

  1. Play with it

Move your sofa around so that the sun isn’t always shining in the same location. This will prevent one section from fading faster than the others.

  1. Take a different seat

Continue to move so that your favourite location does not slump and attract more dirt than others. Because light-colored couches reveal wrinkles and depressions better than dark or boldly patterned couches, fluff the cushions often.

  1. Take immediate action

Act quickly if you spill something on your modular sofas. Use a light liquid soap and hot water to clean. The idea is to use a white or neutral-colored fabric so you don’t have to worry about the colour seeping onto your sofa. A vinegar and baking soda solution* can be used to remove particularly tenacious stains.As important as a light-colored couch is to your décor concept, it is also critical to maintain it properly to guarantee that it lasts a long time.

  1. Use a covering to protect your sofa

Okay, so your sofa has seen its finest days and can no longer be saved using the ways we suggested.Your modular sofas isn’t out of the woods yet. In fact, as long as it’s slipcoverable, it’s far from it.Investing in a couch covering is by far the most cost-effective, practical, and time-saving solution to refresh the look of an old sofa. Even if you don’t have a modular couch at home, you may have a slipcover manufactured to your sofa’s particular measurements.

Nicholas Jansen