How to Track Your Kid’s Location Through Facebook Messenger?

How to Track Your Kid’s Location Through Facebook Messenger?


Gone are the times when tracking someone’s location was considered a difficult job. There was a time when tracking was only done by government agencies, police officials, or hackers. In some movies, you can see how a person tracks another person with ease. The process of tracking has become easier over a period of time.

Thanks to advanced technology, we now have access to location tracking apps and software that help us track someone’s exact location. We are a part of a digital age where it has become easier for a person to find out someone’s location using nothing other than an instant messaging app.

Facebook Messenger is such an instant messaging app that allows you to track down someone’s location within seconds. Besides this messaging app, you can also use iPhone and Android spy apps that provide the location tracking feature. However, for now, we shall talk about Facebook Messenger helps you track someone’s location.

Kids and Facebook

Are your kids obsessed with Facebook? Do you often catch them spending time on Facebook, scrolling down their feeds, and chatting with their friends on Facebook Messenger? On average, a kid spends more time on Facebook than most adults.

When they go out with their friends on a trip to a new restaurant or a foreign place, they are keen on posting the check-in of that place or uploading their location. To find your kid’s location through Facebook, you need to make sure you and your kid using Facebook Messenger.

If a parent suspects their kid sneaking off to a party with their friends instead of studying at their place, they can use Facebook Messenger to find out their exact whereabouts.

Sometimes, unknowingly, kids can put up much more information about them on social media than they should. They may have hundreds of friends added to their account who they have not met in person. The fact that these strangers can access your kid’s personal information can pose more risk to them than you could imagine.

Therefore, if you want to learn how easy it is for some stranger to track your kid on Facebook, you need to understand how location tracking works on Facebook and how you can find your kid’s location there.

Track Your Kid Through Facebook Messenger

If you do not know how to use Facebook Messenger, you need not worry. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have the technical expertise to track your kid using Facebook Messenger. In fact, it is fairly easy to track down your kid’s location that they have shared on Facebook.

With the help of a couple of features available, you can easily track your kid’s location on Facebook.

Location Sharing Feature

The location-sharing feature on Facebook Messenger has made it easier for people to arrange meetups. This feature is a more consensual approach to tracking someone. You can ask your kids to share their current location with you on Facebook Messenger. Once they share their location, you can sit back and relax if they are the same place where they were supposed to be. If not, you can reach out to them immediately.

Here’s how you can use the location sharing feature:

  • Open Facebook Messenger
  • Open a new chat dialogue with one of your friends
  • Now, tap the four dots found at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Tap Location
  • Allow Facebook Messenger to access your device’s location.
  • From there, you can simply tap Share Love Location and your friends can see your current location. They can also share their location with you in return.

Using Location Tags and #Hashtags

You can track your kids by using location tags and hashtags. You can look for a location tag of your kids and track their location. The most common way to find out a location tag is by going through the Facebook Stories of your kids.

If the location tag is present on one of the images shared by your kid, you can simply tap it, select show location, and then pull it up on your smartphone screen.

Then you need to tap the tag text so you can be redirected to Google Maps, which is going to display your kid’s location. This might not be the most reliable way to find out your kid’s location because the location shown on the tag is not necessarily current but when the image was originally posted by your kid.

Using External Monitoring Apps

Besides using Facebook Messenger to find your kid’s location, you can also use the hidden spy apps for Android  and iPhone to track them. This is where location tracking becomes less consensual and more privacy-invasive.

If you want to keep the monitoring apps secretive and undetected on your kid’s phone and do not want them to know about it, you can use these hidden spy apps. All you need to do is download and install the hidden spy app on their phone, hide the app’s icon in their Application list and then allow the app to monitor their phone activity including their location.

No matter where your kid goes, the app will record all their location and then update the location on your account regularly. That way you can stay updated on your kid’s whereabouts.

There are several monitoring and spy apps available in the market that provide the location tracking feature besides many other monitoring features.


As you can see, it doesn’t take much for anyone to find out your kid’s location through Facebook Messenger. Also, you can easily end up finding your kid’s exact whereabouts if you are using Facebook. However, if you are keen on monitoring your kid and keeping them away from dangers, we recommend you opt for monitoring apps.

You should be able to track their phone calls, text messages, emails, web browsing history, and social media activity apart from their location. Last but not least, teach your kids to use social media smartly and safely. They should never share too much information about them with others and avoid talking to strangers online.




David Lockhart