How To Use Direct Mail Effectively

How To Use Direct Mail Effectively

Direct mail is one of the oldest marketing tools still in use today. You can send flyers through the postal service to generate real estate leads by targeting specific demographics with your information. The more effectively you can target your audience and get your information across to readers, the better leads you can generate, but this means following the data and telling the truth in your fliers.

Follow the Data

Gathering and analyzing data on your target audience can help you get your real estate mailers in the hands of those who are most likely to use your services. Big Data analytics can show you the local demographics most interested in real estate, what types of properties they are looking for and even which types of marketing they are most likely to pay attention to. This can help you target your audience with the right information at the right time to generate valuable leads.

Tell the Truth

Putting phrases like “unbelievable deals” on your mailers will have your audience reading them with a level of skeptical distrust that can be difficult to overcome, while telling the truth can elicit the trust and believability that your audience wants to hear. Too many companies are not reading the data on how the message should be presented, meaning that an honest message presented in a straight-forward manner can be more appealing and stand out in the sea of cheesy tag lines.

Using direct mail flyers for your real estate agency can help you generate solid leads if it is done correctly. You can use Big Data and analytics to find a targeted audience and tell the truth in unique but not cheesy flyers to show your audience that you are trustworthy. This can expand your marketing campaign to those in your area most likely to use your services while saving you money and time over traditional ways of using mailers.


Clare Louise