Importance of NGOs’s in children development:

Importance of NGOs’s in children development:

NGO or Non-Government Organisation is a non-profit voluntary group or organization with a social mission founded by citizens that provide services and is independent of any government. Children are the most marginalized and biggest community in India. Children in India are facing life-changing challenges at every stage of their life. NGOs in India are intervening strategically and consistently in the form of activism to give every child a better future. Here are some of the major roles played by NGOs in child development.

  1. Child labor elimination:

Child labor in India is one of the major problems and it demands contribution and support from everyone in the country to exterminate this issue. The government has also taken many steps to eradicate child labor by providing free education, allocation of funds, and many more. There are many NGOs that are working towards eliminating child labor. The NGO for kids has taken many steps like creating awareness campaigns to encourage the parents to send their children to schools and they also take care of child development and health by allocating funds. Child labor elimination is one of the important factors in child development. There are many NGOs both local and international are dealing with the menace of child labor.

  1. Education:

Education is an important tool to gain knowledge for every child. Education is the process of possession of knowledge and development of skills for an individual that helps to contribute to the development of society. There are many NGOs in India that are serving regarding this issue. There are many NGOs that support children’s education in India. It provides necessary training to underprivileged kids from different places in India. NGOs are playing a huge role in creating awareness about the importance of the education of children in India. The government and NGO help for education of children in India.

  1. Nutrition and Healthcare:

NGOs are conducting many awareness campaigns regarding the importance of essential nutrition and healthcare to reduce newborn and child death. NGOs work with the Government department of health and family welfare, integrated child development services scheme, and creating an ecosystem of infant health and survival. NGOs having healthcare workers who are trained to give immediate health care to pregnant women, newborns, and mothers. They are supporting the public health of India and access to nutrition and making steps to implementing policies in a better way. They used to educate the people about natal checkups, the importance, and safety of hospital deliveries, breastfeeding, and access to medicine and nutrition. NGOs are providing rehab which provides nutrition to malnourished children, setting up health camps, and providing medical assistance to children in India.

NGO campaigns are working hard towards eliminating child labor, reducing infant mortality, chronic malnutrition, and more importantly has increased access to education. NGOs are tirelessly working for child development and it requires heavy investment and infrastructure. As a citizen, everyone should contribute to child development by donating at their convenience to become part of a movement. The contribution will give every child a future, no matter what their circumstances.