Important Operations with the Combine Concaves John Deere

Important Operations with the Combine Concaves John Deere

Improve Harvesting Efficiency

Stopping Harvest Loss

One may stop harvest losses by using a superior type of concave combine. These harvesters have the latest technology that caters to all crops. All you have to do is change the setting for each so that the feed is good and the threshing and separation are efficient. One can use Combine Concaves John Deere for almost all the crops by making small adjustments.

It is normal to lose some grain during harvest. This amounts to 3-4 bushels on each acre. If you harvest 2,000 acres of soybean, you will lose 6,000 – 8,000 bushels. Putting the price of soybean for each bushel at $8.62, we get a total loss of $51,700 to $67,900 in all. Don’t you want to do something about that? We do this choosing the best concave combine and by setting the right concave clearance.

Adjusting the Concave Clearance

It is a simple matter to adjust the clearance in the Combine Concaves John Deere. But, how much should this clearance be? Take a cob in your hand. Go to the machine and check whether this cob will go through the gap between the concave and the rasp bar. We would want to keep this clearance a little bit more because that way we avoid grain damage. The tighter the fit, the more damage there is to the crop.

Closing the bottom sieve during harvesting is going to create more worry than goodness. For one, it will stop the air from flowing up. Second, it will break the cobs into smaller and smaller pieces making it hard to clean the harvested material. And, this brings us to the matter of concave maintenance.

Things to Check for in the Harvester

Maintenance is easy when you know what it is you must see. The main trouble spots occur at the places where there is friction, meaning moving parts of the machine. Let us go over the various sections of the Combine Concaves John Deere so you get a clearer idea.

Rotor and Concave

The slightest damage to the concave will result in big losses. The yield loss will increase unless you take full care of the concave and the rasp bar. This is the threshing and separation zone where you might have a small stone that went through. You will have to replace the concave section. The sieve condition in the cleaning shoe region needs inspection. If there is damage, you must attend to it.

The plighting might have sharp edges because of damage to the augers. These sharp edges are going to damage the crop. When the augers get old, they will cause this problem. To keep your grain quality up, make sure your augers are in good shape.

Set the Threshing Speed

This delicate operation needs a practiced hand. It will take some time before you get the best setting for your Combine Concaves John Deere. If the concave is too wide, the corn will not separate from the cobs. And, too narrow a gap will damage the grain. The rotor speed plays an important part in this. When you begin, set it to the top RPM recommendation given in the manual.

Nicholas Jansen