Inequalities that Black Americans Face

Inequalities that Black Americans Face

It is 2021 and, racism still exists. This sentence is enough to make us understand that no matter how much we progress technologically, we have made absolutely no progress based on humanity. When even animals with five senses can understand what unity is, it is a shame that we humans do not. Black people in America are sometimes treated worse than animals. The social system of the country does not meet the primary needs of the black people. While it is normal for the people of a developed country like the United States to expect good education and secure income, the country does not seem to normalize it. In this article, we will discuss the inequalities faced by black Americans. Do have a look at: hire black job website

The existing pandemic situation has only put down the people of color. First of all, let us talk about the inequalities that exist at the elementary level. The system denies black kids from getting a good quality education that will secure them a job for a healthy future. These kids that do not get the privilege of good education grow up to be adults who settle for jobs that pay them fewer wages and have no stability. Then comes the employment factor. White kids get jobs faster than black kids. Black people are the last on the list when it comes to recruitment. They either get no job or are getting stuck in a job that pays less. Do see: hiring black job site

The chances of a black man getting a high-paying job are comparatively low than white workers. Black people do not get higher positions or promotions in an occupation as much as the whites get. After employment, comes the salary. Black men that work the same as white men do not get the same pay as white men. The salary is unnecessarily low for black when it has to be the other way because whites enjoy more privileges. The wage gap between the two races does not affect the economy of the country whatsoever. When we confront White people, they deny the existence of racial exploitation. However, you can see that it exists in many ways. Not so long ago. George Floyd, a black man, was choked to death by a white cop. Many women and men of color are still falsely accused of a crime and arrested. 

Most of the time, when they find black men guilty, they receive deadlier punishments than whites. The system holds brown men guilty till they prove they are not. It is not the same when it comes to white. The unfair treatment is more when it is women, Black and Hispanic women suffer more because they battle racism and gender inequality. Now, let us talk about entrepreneurship. White men stand first even when it comes to owning a business. They do not give equal opportunities to black people keeping the cycle of inequality on the run. It is heart-breaking that the advancements we make in science or any other field are pointless when we fail as humans that do not treat people equally.   

Sheri gill