Is a 300-gallon water storage tank enough for an emergency?

Is a 300-gallon water storage tank enough for an emergency?

If you’re looking to ensure your family has 300 gallons of clean, potable water on hand during a disaster situation or emergency event, it is important to first identify what 300 gallons look like. To do this, take the container that you plan to use and fill it up with water. An average adult uses about one gallon of drinking water per day. 300 gallons will serve roughly 10 adults for 1 month, assuming that no other sources of potable water are available.

This may not seem like enough since three months is the recommended amount of time Americans should be prepared for any type of emergency or natural disaster. However, as an avid prepper who has spent many years storing food and water in preparation for the unknown (or the known), I can tell you 300 gallons is more than enough to make it through a pinch but isn’t enough for an extended outage. Assuming it is stored properly.

Many people wonder what 300 gallons look like, so they do an internet search and come across pictures of enormous containers and tanks that hold 300 gallons. The problem with those types of storage items is that 300 gallons aren’t much water when you consider the fact that most homes use a 60-gallon hot water heater and most baths and showers use 50+ gallons per shower (just run the water until you feel how powerful the stream becomes). I’m sure many people reading this have seen ‘water buffalos’ at their local gas station or convenience store; these things look big, but have little capacity to provide drinking water if used alone.

Having 300 gallons of water, however, is a good start for supplying clean drinking water for emergency situations like hurricanes and flooding. If you have 300-gallons of potable (drinkable) water stored in containers, then you can stay hydrated and fed during emergencies and disasters. My personal recommendation is the Aquatank, sold by USA Berkey Filters. Each 300-gallon tank holds 300 gallons of water. Each 300-gallon tank is approximately 4 feet wide, 8 inches wide at the base, and 64 inches tall. Having said that, you will need enough (at least 300) gallon containers to hold 300 gallons for every family member or group using your 300-gallon ‘tank’. So this means if you have a spouse and children in your household/group, then you should really have 3(x2)=6 300-gallon tanks filled with potable water. Plenty of room to store 300 gallons per person in just 2 rows of 6 300-gallon Aquatank’s!

The 300-gallon Aquatank retails for $294; on top of that, you should also invest in water filters/purification systems that do not require power. This will allow you to refill your aqua tank in the long term. A Berkey filtration unit would be a good option, especially with their arsenic PF2 filters & activated carbon black elements.

If 300 gallons of water is not enough for you, then 300-gallon tanks can be placed side by side in a row and they will connect to each other so the 300 gallon stored water can easily be transferred from one 300-gallon tank to another. The 300-gallons Aquatank also comes with a convenient hose that allows you to connect 2 or more 300-gallon tanks together. In addition, its high-quality plastic construction is far superior to most competitors, making this a great investment in case of emergency situations.

It may also pay to develop a rainwater collection plan or a backup source of power to run your well if you live in a climate where rain is scarce. If you live where water is scarce, a 300-gallon tank will allow you to store the amount of water needed for several weeks, but you may need a long term solution depending on the situation.

A 300-gallon Aquatank can be set up in your home or apartment and it can be transported with ease if necessary. It is a great addition to your existing emergency plans and it will provide peace of mind knowing that 300 gallons of potable water are readily available in case of an emergency event.

The 300 Gallons Aquatank Trailer Water Storage Tank from USA Berkey filters has a patented hose connector that allows you to add additional 300-gallon storage tanks together. With dimensions measuring W56 x L36 x H76 inches, this 300 gas tank is our go-to recommendation for a reason and is a great st

Edward Powell