Is a letter of recommendation compulsory for Masters in Germany?

Is a letter of recommendation compulsory for Masters in Germany?

Many international students choose to study in Germany because it is considered a land of ideas which boasts of a rich legacy of academic records. Aspiring Post Graduate students find Germany an ideal destination for a variety of reasons. The primary among them isthe diversity of curriculum, emphasis on hands-onexperience and an excellent range of future prospects. Before you choose to apply for suitable MS in Germany, it is prudent to know about the German Education system, which in many ways is unique and different from other countries.

Studying MS in Germany:

The German education system is not only famous for its award-winning curriculum, but also for is regimentation. Universities for MS degrees in Germany are basically of two categories. The classification is arrived by the source of funds which has an indirect bearing on international students. The two types are:

  1. Public University: It is administered by the state and is reputed to offer a vast range of courses. Public universities attract a majority of international students mainly due to cost factors.
  2. Private University: It is funded by independent companies, organizations or charities. Private universities are known to charge higher tuition fees than public universities.

Application for MS in Germany:

As an international student aspiring for anMS in Germany, you need to be thorough in your preparation. The whole process leading to your successful study in Germany can be broken up into the following definite steps.

  1. Selection: Choose the program for study and the right university for it.
  2. Requirements: Check for requirements once the target is set. Look whether your credentials match the criteria for the course and if LOR is needed.
  3. Language: Proficiency in English or German is the primary skill sought for MS in Germany.
  4. Submit Application: It is generally done online along with all supporting documents.
  5. Await AdmissionLetter:Processing your application may consume a few weeks. Until you receive it, it may not be possible for you to initiate the next steps.
  6. Health Insurance: It is mandatory for non-EU students to have appropriate health insurance cover from DR-WALTER.
  7. Finance: You must provide proof for adequate balance in your account for the cost of the course as estimated by the German government.
  8. VISA: Arranging for the student VISA is the final step. Admission invite and requisite estimated finance are the key factors for VISA application.

Is Letter of Recommendation mandatory?

Mere supporting academic credentials may not be enough for your admission in MS in Germany. It may not be compulsory in some, but most seek an appropriate LOR for an international student for admission to the course of your choice for study in Germany.

What is a Letter of Recommendation?

It is basically a document from your erstwhile university certifying your academic accomplishments. It can also be about your professional skills issued by your company. Make sure you get a good LOR as this document is greatly valued by universities in Germany.

Who are the right persons to issue a LOR?

The primary step is to check up your university for the requirement of a LOR and its format. The ideal person is the head of the department of your study in the qualifying university. You have to provide him with the right inputs to incorporate in the LOR.It should be issued on his letterhead and directly dispatched to the target university. Many a times universities mail a format which should be filled in by your faculty head and dispatched.


Study in Germany for an MS is a great opportunity for obtaining an international degree. The education system in Germany is highly regimented and may appear intimidating at first appearance. But a methodical approach, including a supporting LOR is the ideal kind of readiness one needs for pursuing an MS in Germany in the course of your choice.

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Clare Louise