Is Compost the Same as Living Soil?

Is Compost the Same as Living Soil?

Due to the similarities between compost and living soil, they are often taken to be the same. Technically, they are not the same, and here is why. Compost is an organic component that is made of animal and plant substances. On the other hand, living soil is soil; however, it has the fortification of organic substances (compost). A typical example of living soil is the super soil for autoflowers. Here is more.

What is living soil/Microbe compost?

Living soil refers to a proportionate blend of organic nutrients with soil, at a fair ratio best developed by manufacturers. Sometimes, it is called microbe compost. Microbe compost blends cover crops, such as dry leaves and twigs.

The combination process starts when these cover crops begin to decay, they break down to form rich soil, which is mainly used to replenish exhausted soils during springtime before a new planting season begins. Applying super soil for autoflower makes your farmland ready before the next planting season.

Uses of living soil

Microbe compost can be used in various ways when it has fully blended with the soil. You can spread it as mulch, mix it with your soil to improve the quality. You can also water it down and use it as liquid fertilizer or apply it to your lawns.

If your soil needs boosting, dig a four inches’ hole in your soil, add the compost and mix it well. You can fasten the composting system by adding warm vermicomposting.

Advantages of using microbe compost. 

  • Keeps the natural health of your soil at a high level
  • Works as a nutrient booster for the entire soil
  • Provides the soil with sufficient nutritional elements
  • Helps for the proper growth of beneficial microbes
  • Promotes proper growth of plants
  • Aids the soil in retaining moisture
  • Supports the plants in fighting against disease

When to use microbe compost

  • It is the best option for repairing your soil 
  • Use microbe compost when adding flower beds, sowing seeds, or planting shrubs. You can mix it by raking or tilling it into your topsoil.
  • Microbe compost can be used when constructing raised garden beds or filling flower pots. It is a very healthy blend that gives the flower pot all the boost it will need for healthy growth.

If you are into cannabis cultivation, you should try out with the Super soil for autoflower. It ensures that you have a healthy and bumper harvest. Then you can try other products for other plant types.

Nicholas Jansen