Is FIFA 19 free?

Is FIFA 19 free?

FIFA 19 has many new features as compared to the previous edition, which is great to experience.  The more you experience FIFA 19, the more you will feel in love with it.

With the release of FIFA 19, everyone wants to play this game. However, people usually ask the question that “is FIFA 19 is free?” Well, FIFA 19 is not a free game.

You will have to pay some amount to the developers to play FIFA 19. Either you can purchase some copies of this game from the store, or you can purchase it only from the official EA Sports website.

The price of FIFA 19 game is different for different platforms. You only have to pay for a single time, and you can enjoy this game for a lifetime, so it’s a good thing to invest on for a gamer.

Moreover, there is not any direct in-game purchase but FIFA 19 reward you some coins that can be used to purchase different stuff, including kits, players, etc.

FIFA Free Demo

If you are going to buy FIFA 19 game but want to experience the game then you can download the demo version of the game.

FIFA 19 Demo is available on the official website of EA sports for free; you can experience the demo version for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation.

The demo version is just to give an idea to the user about the game. However, there are a lot of features in the original FIFA 19 that are not available in the demo version.

FIFA 19 Free download

In case you are a PC user, then you can experience FIFA 19 for free. All you need to do is to find a valid source from where you can download and install this game. Below is the comprehensive model on how to download FIFA 19 for free.

First, you need to visit the link were the full version of FIFA 19 is present for free. Before clicking anywhere, you need to have a torrent software because, its a torrent file.

After opening the website, you have to click on the link where “Mirror #1 torrent” is written. The downloading will start in torrent software.

FIFA 19 is a 44 GB file, so you need to wait for quite a long time in order to download the game entirely. But if you have high-speed internet, then the file might install in a few minutes.

However, if you want to make downloading faster, all you have to do is to go to bandwidth allocation where you will see different options, click on the high option which will boost up your downloading speed.

The free downloading is only available for the PC user. So if you are a PlayStation or Xbox One user and wants to play FIFA 19, then you need to purchase FIFA 19 from the official sources.

Furthermore, the free version may also contain some malicious viruses that can damage your system, which you will surely don’t want to happen.

So before downloading free game from an unknown source, you should install a good antivirus that will protect your PC from deadly viruses.

After completing all the downloading process, you should stop the torrent and select the downloaded file to start the installation.

When you open the setup file, it will ask you to select the setup language, select the language that you find comfortable reading then click on OK.

Click next button to move to next screen. Now the game will ask location where you want to install the game. Select the location and make sure that you select a higher vacant space drive so that you can easily install FIFA 19.

The language option will display after it, uncheck all the languages that you don’t need in your game. It is recommended that you should keep the English language, but it all up to you to choose the language of your choice in FIFA 19.

After completing all the process, click on install, which will start the installation process. The setup will take some time to finish the installation. After completing the installation process, you can enjoy the game. Fast Delivery seller, You can safely buy FIFA coins. There are also games like wpit18 which are taking attention of people.

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