Is rental income taxable?

Is rental income taxable?

Yes, income is taxable in most jurisdictions. As a landlord, you must pay taxes from the money collected as rent. Non-payment of rental income tax can attract a fine and even imprisonment, depending on the jurisdiction. Therefore, every rent collected from your tenants is taxable.

Paying the correct tax from your rent is also very important. Any landlord who doesn’t pay the correct tax from rent collected could also get into trouble with the law. Read and learn how to pay the correct tax from rent collected to avoid fines from government institutions. Partnering with Airbnb management London will be helpful in earning more and calculating your rental income.

What constitutes a rental income?

Rental income is mainly the money you receive as income from your tenants. Meanwhile, you can charge for additional services like cleaning, heating, hot water, and repairs. All these constitute your rental income. Also, monies collected as caution fees at the end of the tenancy should be added to your income. Also, you are supposed to declare the rental income in the tax year it became due.

Therefore, parental income comprises payments tenants receive for using and occupying your property. However, expenses made on your property can be deducted from your gross rental income before you pay your tax.

Do I have to pay tax on my overseas property?

Well, it depends on the circumstances. However, if you are a resident, the general rule is to inform the relevant authorities about your overseas property income. Ideally, whether the rent is from an overseas property or not, the property is to pay tax from the rent collected.

But in most cases, it is better to meet a tax expert who will advise you on whether to pay tax from your overseas properties. In some jurisdictions, migrants are exempted from paying taxes on their overseas properties. For instance, if you are in the UK, you are not supposed to add income from your overseas property to your UK property income. You have to present your overseas rent separately as a foreign income.

How much will I pay as tax from my rental property?

The profit you make from the income determines the amount you pay as tax from your rental property. The profits are taxable if they are connected to the rental property. To calculate your profit made from rent, follow the steps below.

  • Add all your rental income.
  • Add all your allowable expenses. Mind you, your allowable expenses relate to the losses you made on the property.
  • Subtract the expenses from the income made from rent.

However, if you have so many properties, you can add all your rental income as a lump and deduct them from your expenses. It makes it easier to calculate your rental income this way. However, this calculation is subject to certain jurisdictions as it may apply differently in others.


Rental income attracts tax and must be paid within the right time. Just like other taxes, any income has a duration within which it must be paid. Failure to pay your rental income tax will attract fines or imprisonment.

Clare Louise