Is your Bristol Construction Site Secure? 5 Top Tips to Ensure you Make it Safe & Secure

Is your Bristol Construction Site Secure? 5 Top Tips to Ensure you Make it Safe & Secure

Bristol Construction site security has been an issue for as long as construction sites themselves have. The problem has only become worse over time with threats becoming more advanced. Here are our top tips to ensure your make your construction site safe and secure.

Recognise Potential Threats

Start by getting a better understanding of the threat potential for your site. Different construction sites have their own different threat potentials, including their location, emergency service response time, crime rates, security measures, and how well employees stick to the security best practices.

The problem is that it isn’t easy to assess threat potential. With the help of some research though, you’ll get a better understanding of what kind of problems you may face. Understanding and recognizing potential threats is the first step to ensuring a construction site is as secure as possible. Identify – and rectify – potential security blind spots.

Perform a Security Risk Assessment

After getting a better understanding of the threat potential, you’re in a good position to start addressing individual risks. Isolating these threats and assessing them allows you to put practices into place to deal with those problems.

The main security risks for construction sites are theft, trespassing, vandalism, and sabotage. The good news is that the solutions to those problems are all very similar. CCTV and good security services in Bristol reduces the risk of all of those problems at once.

You may also need to implement some more specific policies. If you think that warehouse theft or warehouse sabotage in particular are issues, then you might want to look at other solutions. Better training and bag checks can help with those problems.

Use Physical Security

The physical security industry is constantly evolving. There are many highly effective security systems on the market that continue to evolve at a rapid pace. While not every innovation will be a good fit for your site, you should keep up with the physical security industry to know what your options are.

For construction site security, it’s worth keeping up with;

  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Access control
  • Contact and motion sensors
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Alarms
  • Next-gen video surveillance

Regularly Assess Security Needs

It’s important to understand security is not a constant. You needs will change all the time. Something that was necessary before could be unnecessary now. You should regularly re-evaluate the security needs of the construction site. This is particularly true if something about the site has changed a lot, including expansions or changes to technology.

Consider how the changes – including internal changes, environmental changes, and industry changes – can all have an impact on the site security. It’s worth re-assessing your site (and it’s security needs) at least once per year.

Properly Train Employees

With regards to Bristol construction site security, your staff will either be your main asset or the biggest liability. If the staff don’t properly follow security protocols it will jeopardise the overall security of the site; even if the security systems are top-of-the-line.

You should make sure staff are properly trained so that they improve security instead of limiting it. Train them to understand the security systems used on the site including the alarms and access control. It’s also worth training them in basic security practices and how to report suspicious activity, including if their colleagues are acting suspiciously.

Hire Professional Security Experts

Professionally trained Bristol security guards

are going to understand all the threats you might face and how to mitigate risks and deal with problems. Industry security experts can run mobile patrols, man static guard stations, perform keyholding tasks, respond to alarms, manage access control and gatehouse security, and more.

The right industry security provider will be able to provide you with a tailored security package that meets your needs. That means that instead of giving you some kind of “one-size-fits-all” solution, you’ll receive a targeted approach based on the specific risks of your construction site.

Having manned guard posts remains the most effective form of criminal deterrent and offers the fastest response to any criminal activity. An industrial site can’t be considered protected without any professional security staff to hand.

Edward Powell