Italian Americans are taking advantage of dual citizenship

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There are a number of different reasons to obtain Italian American dual citizenship. The most popular one is ease of travel between the two countries. And with Italy a part of the European Union, it can be easier than ever to visit a whole host of nations.  First, it is necessary to determine if you are eligible for dual citizenship, which is usually a straightforward process. And remember, if you do not qualify for citizenship you are able to apply for a Visitor’s Visa.

Do you qualify for Italian American dual citizenship?

The easiest way to obtain Italian citizenship is through your descendants. If one of your parents was born in Italy and you have not denounced your claim to citizenship, you are able to apply. Please note that if it is your mother who was born in Italy you will need to have been born after 1948. So, if one or both of your parents was born there, you are good to go!

If your grandparents were born in Italy and were still considered citizens at the time of your parent’s birth, then you can also apply. Italy used to automatically revoke citizenship if someone became a naturalized citizen of another country. This practice ended in 1992, but if your grandparents became citizens before your parents were born, sometime before 1992, you are not eligible for dual citizenship through them. This revocation was automatic on the part of the government, and your grandparent would not have had to denounce their citizenship.

However, this type of application requires approval by the Italian Supreme Court and is not as straightforward a process as it is if your parents were born there.

Benefits of dual citizenship

In addition to ease of travel, having dual citizenship can expand your horizons quite a bit. You would be able to easily relocate to any of the European Union countries and live there without having to worry about a Visa. If the U.S. becomes uninteresting to you, or you are just looking for an adventure, the entire EU would be a possibility! And, if you are eligible, there’s no real reason to NOT pursue dual citizenship. Neither country requires you to denounce the other citizenship, and there’s really nothing to lose!

It is also important to consider the tax implications of living abroad as a dual citizen. While Italy does not require citizens to report income made in a different country, the United States does. It is recommended that Americans who pursue dual citizenship discuss the matter with their financial advisor.

Now is a perfect time to discover if you are eligible for Italian American dual citizenship, it may be easier than you think!

Clare Louise