Key Contrasting Features Between Commercial and Residential Establishments

Key Contrasting Features Between Commercial and Residential Establishments

A commercial building refers to a building that is made solely for commercial purposes, which means for businesses and corporate offices, retail spaces, storage units. Whereas, residential buildings refer to those which are built for the personal purpose meant for living like family houses, townships, co-operative housing societies. There are differences between commercial constructions and residential constructions. Some of them are listed below.

Materials Used for Construction

In general, materials that are used for commercial buildings are quite large-scale than those used for residential buildings. Commercial constructions usually use steel frames due to their massive structures and have a relatively more complex design than normal residential complexes. On the other hand, developers use pocket-friendly timber or bamboo frames for residential frames and have an easier design.

Following Rules and Regulations

Both commercial and residential building constructions need to follow a set of laws defined by the government, but they are quite different. Commercial constructions need to follow a more complex set of rules due to their size, building techniques, and requirements. Whereas, residential buildings do not need to follow a long list of rules as they are relatively smaller in size and their requirement is limited.

Difference in Expenses

There is a significant difference in the expenses for the construction of commercial and residential buildings. Due to the size and requirement of commercial buildings, the expenses are quite high compared to residential buildings. Moreover, there has to be a steady flow of funds to cater to the massive needs of commercial construction. Commercial constructions are funded by the government, corporations with huge bank loans. Whereas, residential constructions are funded through smaller bank loans, non-profit agencies, direct cash.

Equipment Used for Construction

Large-scale and heavy machinery is required for the construction of commercial buildings. Specially designed cranes and earthmoving equipment are necessary for constructing a commercial building. Whereas, residential constructions require manually skilled labor and small-scale equipment.

Time Limit

Commercial builders tend to save money and labor by taking the least time needed to construct the building. In this way, commercial projects require less time to be completed than residential projects. Developers for residential projects tend to delay the completion, primarily due to the reason that there is not much free flow of funds.

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