Know about the risk of Facial Plastic Surgery

Know about the risk of Facial Plastic Surgery

 Facial plastic surgery like any other surgery comes with some risk. Treatment other than Dermal Fillers procedure can lead to various complications.

You can consult the surgeon to know about the risks in detail. But for your knowledge, here are the major ones.


It is the most common complication. Though there is postoperative care, still 1.1 to 2.5 percent of patients can face this issue. Infections are mostly internal which are known as skin infection cellulitis.


Organ damage 

Surgeries such as rhinoplasty, facelift, eyelid or liposuction can affect the internal organs.

Any kind of punctures can occur. This happens when the surgical probe comes into contact with internal organs. Chances are additional surgery may be required. 


The procedure may go wrong

A process like dermal fillers is done with proper care. However, it may happen that things don’t turn out the way it was planned. What the patient had visualized would be different from the actual result. Many times, facial plastic surgery has gone wrong. Your facial features can get distorted. Some other treatment is required to recover from it. Hence, consulting experts before such surgeries are a must. 


Affect the person emotionally

Patients do not feel satisfied with the results after undergoing the procedure. They may want additional corrections. There are high chances that patients will shower their anger on the doctor. One may also go into acute depression. Often the doctor has to explain the patient, the reasons for results. Dissatisfaction is one of the common risks of post-facial surgery.

Nerve damage during or post-surgery

In the various surgical process, this is common. People may face numbness and tingling after facial surgery. These are signs of nerve getting damaged. In major cases, this is a temporary issue. But in severe cases, the damage is permanent. In facial surgery, people may face numbness around their facial parts. 

Loss of blood

Some amount of bleeding is expected in such surgeries. But sometimes, when blood loss is too high, it can lead to another risk. The patient can get high blood pressure leading to death. This can happen during the surgery or after. Hence, the doctor will do the internal check-up once the surgery is done. 

Allergic reactions

Doctor before performing the surgery, asks the patients about all the allergic reactions. Still, patients have a risk of getting affected due to certain medications or any material. The patient may have to go for bed rest in such cases. 


It is similar to a bruise. After facelift and other such facial surgeries, this complication can occur in 1 percent of patients. Males are more prone to it. Thus, a doctor in such cases needs to do additional operations using additional anesthetic. 


Edward Powell