Know how to choose the perfect earrings that suit your face cut

Know how to choose the perfect earrings that suit your face cut

Earrings are one of the most desirable jewellery for all women. However, while choosing the right pair, you must keep in mind your face cut so that it perfectly fits your face. Here are a few tips you can try while choosing fashion earrings that perfectly match your face cut.

  • You can choose tiny studs or small pearls for your face, which perfectly fits any face cut as these earrings do not go beyond the ear lobe. You should always be careful when choosing fashion earrings larger than the bead. Or, if the earrings cross your ears, then you would need to check if it gives a perfect look.
  • Do not choose clip-on earrings or large earrings if your face is round or you have a very prominent cheekbone. If you wish to have long earrings, then try choosing the extra-long ones that hang from your earlobes. This will conceal the shape of your cheekbones. On the contrary, if you have an oval face, then your long earrings won’t work, and you will have to choose the voluminous earrings that start just below your cheekbone or below your earlobes.
  • For those with a wide square jawline that is visibly lifted, clips are a great option. Also, for this face cut, hoop earrings or any other thin earrings that hang rigidly can bring attention to the face. These fashion earrings are the best to fit with dark bold eyes, which means you need good eye make to make the look more attractive.
  • Women with triangular faces with narrow cheekbone, pointed chin, or heart-shaped face can have massive and diverse earrings. In case you have a short, yet lean neck, wearing such earrings can give a more sleek look to your neck. But in case you have a short and broader neck, the look may worsen if you choose such long and sleek earrings.

Styling of these earrings:

  • Firstly you don’t have to pair earrings with some other jewellery, or you can even choose other fashion earrings with a bracelet or ring and pendant. It may sound boring, but it actually looks more pompous and breaks the traditional way of wearing earrings.
  • You can even choose an asymmetric technique of pairing your fashion earrings with some other jewellery, and it gives you a more refined look.
  • Nowadays, another trend is multiple piercings in your ear but remember, rather than fashion, it is more associated with a rebellion-type look. Moreover, having multiple piercings can puncture your ear tunnels. If you have more piercings, then you can choose small hoops or studs for your upper piercings.

Remember, fashion earrings can change the way you look. You can wear a very casual outfit, but a stunning pair of fashion earrings can make your look more glamorous and appealing. Also, a wrong pair of earrings or very tacky ones can even diminish your best outfits. Make sure to keep experimenting with your looks with different sets of fashion earrings.



Bonnie Baldwin