Know the Problems Associated With Cowboy Boots

Know the Problems Associated With Cowboy Boots

It is one of the best plans if you are planning to buy a pair of cowboy boots. A stylish pair of cowboy boots will give you a better sense of style. And wearing a pair of cowboy boots is a great way to be in sync with the prevailing trend.

With a pair of cowboy boots, you can also stand apart from the crowd, and you can put on the boots with any clothing.

But some problems will arise when you set forth to choose a pair of cowboy boots, such as:


You perhaps do not know that cowboy boot manufacturers use different foot-shaped molds that they usually do not disclose to the public. As a result, you will find it a bit challenging to find a standard boot size. While a boot size from a particular brand that will fit your feet well, the same size from another manufacturer can run small or big for your feet.

You should be careful while buying cowboy boots online. Do not fall behind in referring to the manufacturer’s size chart, width, and calf measurements to ensure the best possible fit for your feet.

One of the useful tricks you can apply is going to a retail store before trying out some pairs of cowboy boots. You can use the measurements as a guide when ordering online.

It will also help if you follow the following tips:

  • Figure out the brands that make cowboy boots with toe shapes, heels, and soles that make you feel comfortable.
  • Try out the boots in the afternoon as your feet are at their largest size then.
  • Socks you put on while trying out the boots should be identical to those you usually wear with cowboy boots.
  • Do not select the pair of cowboy boots that are too tight as the boots will stretch only a little bit after some use.

Narrow Toes

In recent innovations, cowboy boots bear a too-narrow toe section. The trend was, however, not seen in the original cowboy boots. The style is of no practical use and should avoid such boots if you have broad feet.

If your feet are wide, you should look for cowboy boots that taper near your toes and do not narrow off to form a sharp v-shape.

When you walk putting on a cowboy boot with a tight toe section, you will find the boot putting pressure on your bone to cause pain.

Breaking In

You should take care to break in the pair of cowboy boots properly. Ensure that the heel feels a bit loose when the side begins to break in; the heel slides further to fill the loose section.

If you make the mistake of purchasing a pair of cowboy boots that are too tight around the heel area, the heel will pinch during the break-in process, causing blisters and aches to emerge.

It will help if you keep in mind that the shafts and sides of cowboy boots call for a significant break-in time.

You might tend to think that cowboy boots and work boots are similar, but it is not so. The infographic in this post will help you to know the difference.

Bonnie Baldwin