Korean dramas: 8 reasons why you should watch them

Korean dramas: 8 reasons why you should watch them

You have already read about several times on low-budget or little-known cinema. However, there are also series that are quite worth watching, which, for various reasons, pass by the wide audience of television fiction.

In the new collection, you will know about dramas – this is how television series released in Southeast Asia are called in the West. Asians make quite high-quality products, almost in no way inferior to Western TV series. Although dramas have a significant fan base, many still have prejudices against Asian cinema. It’s time to dispel them.

The three TV series are released in South Korea. They are different in genre: romantic fantasy, mystical detective story, comedic isekai. But they also have common features that are common to all Korean dramas. And you will know about this a little too.

South Korean dramas are very popular both in Asia and far beyond its borders. And there are several reasons for this:

Multi-genre. Koreans have mastered the ability to combine in one project often completely incompatible genres from outright farce to sentimental melodrama. Of course, it is not always possible to maintain a competent balance, but many Korean dramas are able to interest the widest audience.

With southern sophistication. Koreans are masters at coming up with the most incredible plot twists. Moreover, they very cleverly use famous stories from all over the world, turning them inside out and playing them in their own way.

Subject completeness. The vast majority of Korean dramas fit into one season of 12, 16, 20 hour episodes. This is a big plus in comparison with Western TV series, the popularity of which leads to excessive multi-seasonality. True, in recent years, Koreans have also begun to make sequels to series, but this happens so far extremely rarely.

P omantichnost. Korean romance is a special song. Their romantic tales and stories of tragic love can captivate even the most callous and cynical viewer.

A whore game. While dramas from other Asian countries often cause rejection from Western viewers because of their specific acting, Koreans, as a rule, play strictly “Stanislavsky”. There are, of course, comedies where the actors deliberately overplay, but most dramas are perceived as practically real life.

And the idols. This is usually the name given to Asian pop stars, but in Korea, they include all drama actors. You will not find so many beautiful, charming, charming, charismatic personalities anywhere! For every taste – from cute charms to brutal macho.

By rasivaya picture and atmospheric. Korean dramas, even the most realistic ones, are still a fairy tale – a special world with their own conventions and rules. The tale is very beautiful and attractive.

“Stickiness”. Korean dramas are a real spiritual drug. One has only to taste it and write, it’s gone, it’s almost impossible to jump off. Even when you know all the drama cliches by heart, you keep ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี. Because this is escapism of the highest standard.

David Lockhart