Learn About Online Giving for Church

Learn About Online Giving for Church

When you are attending your Sunday masses in your church, you are passed an offering plate. But not many contribute to this plate because of various reasons. Probably they are not carrying their wallet or do not have cash. The digital world is making it more and more difficult for churches to get offerings to post the mass. 

However, a church can still benefit if they choose church online giving. There are many benefits of having an online giving platform for people to give their offerings to the church at their own convenient time. If you have or are planning to go for an online giving platform, then here is what you need to know. 

Make the Online Process Simple

Not many people are tech savvy but can make payments. Keep your online process simple and user-friendly. Your website should have a navigation option that leads to the payment platform. You can also create buttons on your website that can be redirected to the payment page. Also, make sure that the form you are using does not require too much information. 

Avoid Making Changes on Communications Brand

People, while looking for a church for offering, often look at the page they are visiting. When a donor is being directed to another page, he or she may be hesitant to proceed because he or she may have doubts about the authenticity of the page. Hence, make sure that you are using our brand and be consistent with it. Also, make sure that you are using the same image as your logo so that people do not get confused. Keep your website simple yet informative. The website should make people feel good about offering. 

Use Mobile Giving Option to People

If people are not carrying cash when the offering plate is being passed, then you can give them the option of mobile giving. This will be easier for them to offer and faster too. However, make sure that you inform the people about this option as they may not agree to pay without any information or knowledge about it. You can also guide them on how to make their offering. 

Do not have too Many Steps in your Form

When it comes to online offerings it needs to be quick and easy. If there are too many steps involved, people may not want to proceed. Hence, make sure that your online offering does not have too many steps and can be done quickly. 

Edward Powell