Learn How to Shine In SAT without Using Calculator

Learn How to Shine In SAT without Using Calculator

When you ask someone whether he or she has a soft corner for Math, you will mostly hear a ‘no.’ Well, now ask how many of them to love to say ‘no’ to the calculator while doing Math; you will hardly hear any affirmation. However, the SAT test has a part where students cannot use a calculator. It is good for you to do SAT test prep by learning these tips to know how to survive without a calculator.

  • Draw As Many Diagrams As You Can

If you get it down on a piece of paper, whatever goes on in your mind, higher chances are there that you can solve it better. Visual representations make any problem easier to understand, and maybe you can give the SAT without the help of a calculator.

  • Write As Many Step As You Can

When you skip steps of any Math problem, you tend to make errors at any certain step, and that is when you seek for your calculator. However, you can avoid that by writing down more steps and clearing off your memory. In that way, you will make fewer mistakes, and your calculator can take rest.

  • Play The Mind Game

SAT test provides the students with all the required formulas and equations needed to solve questions. It is helpful for students, although it is good for you to remember the most important equations at least, by yourself. You can take help anytime, so no issues on that.

  • Avoid Using Calculator During Practice

Do not smother yourself by using the calculator when you do SAT test prep at your home. Start to practice without using the calculator, and you will get gather confidence to give the exam effectively. Do as many sums as you can while you practice so that you become halfway sure that you do not need the calculator even during the exam.

  • Do The Trial And Error Method

Even if all of the above methods fail and you are still stuck with a problem, there is one last way left though. You can try the trial and error method with the answer options that you get. Of course, this should be your last chance to survive because this is a time taking process. It is a suggestion not to use this unless all the other tips fail and try to do these sums in the end.

These handy tips will surely help you to survive the SAT without a calculator.

Bonnie Baldwin