Learn Teen Patti In 5 Minutes

Learn Teen Patti In 5 Minutes

Playing cards has been in vogue for a long, long time. Indians, in particular, love to play cards and have even taken the game with them to foreign lands when they migrated there.

Among the card games with a big following in India,Teen Patti‘ stands out as a simple, yet an engrossing game that builds on two of men’s greatest passions- entertainment and money.

It’s no wonder that the game enjoys such immense popularity, both in its offline and online variants.

While Teen Patti comes across as a card game of pure luck, the reality might be slightly different. For this reason, if you know the rules and tricks thoroughly, your chances of winning will increase dramatically.

The right blend of new skills, along with an awareness of card ranks and sequences, will go a long way in minimizing your dependence on the ‘luck’ factor.

Teen Patti is a simplified version of the English three-card poker with the same 52-card deck, where joker cards are not considered. The number of players ranges between three and six.

The rankings of hands in this game are of paramount importance. Hence, that’s something which should be on your fingertips always. The lowest and highest ranks of cards are standard, where 2’s are the lowest, and Aces the highest:

  1. Trail or Set (Three of a kind)
  2. Pure Sequence (Consecutive three cards of the same suit)
  3. Sequence (Consecutive three cards of random suits)
  4. Colour (Three cards of the same suit, but not in sequence)
  5. Pair (Two of a kind)
  6. High Card (Three cards, not in sequence, not of the same suit, not of the same rank)


Teen Patti follows a similar line of card play as its international sibling, poker. The three main phases are dealing, betting, and the showdown.

The game begins with a dealer getting chosen randomly from among the players. The dealer deals three cards to each player in a clockwise fashion.

A pot is created after taking an agreed amount of stake from each player. The pot would then be placed at the centre of the table.

The card-playing starts with the player on the left side of the dealer placing his first bet. In case he passes, he will have to fold, which can lead to him losing all his money already put on stake.

Minimum bets are then placed for the first round, after which each player has to bet depending on the current stake. The amount of the bet also depends on whether the player is blind or seen. A blind player is the one who has not seen his cards before betting, and a seen player is the one who has. Here, the current stake is the bet placed by the player before you.

The seen player will have to pay a higher stake for every round, with the bet increasing with every round as the game progresses. Eventually, players start dropping off either by folding or by displaying their hands.

The final phase is the showdown, which can only occur when just two players are remaining.

In this final, the player with the better hand will be the winner and get his hands on the entire pot on the table. In an unlikely case where both the finalists have equal hands, the player who had requested the show will have to fold, leading to the other player winning the whole pot.

There you have it, the game of Teen Patti. It’s simple and easy to understand. But at the same time, it’s important to keep the rules in mind.

The best way to learn and master is to play Teen Patti live online yourself.

Of course, the real trick is to know when to fold or to show and how much to bet. This is one game where you can win big if you play your cards well, literally!

Nicholas Jansen