Let it grow, let it grow! Can’t hold the frost no more…    

Let it grow, let it grow! Can’t hold the frost no more…    

Welcome winter with warm open arms. Here’s a few tips for preparing your crops for the cold.

The root cause
The roots of a plant are the most vulnerable when temperatures drop below 19c and so it is important to keep the base of your plants warm. As it stands – or rather, grows – the optimum temperature for healthy growth is around 20c to 21c. Experts tend to get the most from their plants by elevating them from the floor. Better yet: we recommend purchasing a heating mat that doesn’t break the bank.

It’s a bit nippy in here
The main cause of plant death in the winter comes from the cold air itself.  Jack Frost sneaks in through gaps, barges uninvited through the main doors and taps with an unwelcoming icy nail on the thin frame of your grow room. Heat circulation is key for a perfect yield this Christmas and so it might be wise to treat your crops to some C02 bags. Allowing them to breath, these bags help to increase the room temperature and therefore help to support growth

Light and heat
+ It’s a clear sign of winter’s wrath when the clock barely strikes 5pm and the sun is nowhere to be found. With a black streak of nothing covering the sky and summer feeling a millions light-years away, natural light is hard to come by. It is vital to retain both the light and the warmth to maintain healthy growth. Easy Grow recommend Lightite, an extremely durable reflective sheet capable of housing that heat.

Halogen on and on
+ Two birds with one stone – or rather – many warm bodies with one heat source. We’re aware that winter can be an overly expensive time of year, not just for the presents under the tree, but for the utility bills. Remember that your halogen bulbs have a discharge of heat, meaning the plants’ source of light can keep you and your family warm too. Be an opportunist – make the most of the heat!

Maintain humidity
+ A mixture of household heating and HID (High intensity discharge) from the light in your grow room can damage the air, making it brittle and often leaving a heavy atmosphere. Ever felt choked up when in a humid room? Well, your plants feel that too and so it’s important to invest in a water spray bottle – or even better – a dehumidifier. Definitely consider using a hydroponic extraction fan.

Edward Powell