Living Room Lamp & Light Fixture – Getting The Right Lighting Layers For Living Room

In interior design, lighting plays an integral element. Your lamp style is crucial, and planning your living room can create an ideal illumination and atmosphere for specific functions. How you control the lighting of your interior environment can shape its space. So whether you plan to invest in a lighting fixture or a sideboard in Singapore for lamps, you must know how to incorporate proper lighting in your living room.

Getting The Right Layers Of Lighting

Having the knowledge to make combinations of different ranges of living room lighting ideas helps provide a layer of warmth, mood and comfort without compromising the brightness of the area. It should be bright enough for you to read and watch TV in the evenings while invoking a perfect ambience. It is the rule of thumb to have multiple light sources to control the ambience and mood of your living room (or any room).

Determine the Scale

Even if you are planning to update your lighting fixture or buy a nightstand in Singapore, you must consider the size or scale of the area. It is vital that you do, especially if you plan to go for overhead lighting to add a touch. Light comes in various levels of brightness (measured in lumens). A proper overhead brightness can compliment the geometric looks against the ceiling and walls, thus adding a distinctive focal point to the room without directing it to the source of light.

Mix and Match Colours

There are no exact rules when playing with lighting and lamps. Your taste and preference all boil down to give you an idea—a direction to complement and suit your lifestyle. Mix and matching colours can provide a variety of shades and lighting to create a distinct mood and ambience. One way to work with this is to choose a lamp that works well in the colour scheme of your sofa and pillow, creating an ideal spot to read. You can also follow the idea when setting a bedside lamp on the side of your bed.

Know How to Choose A Lamp

One should know how to choose a living room lamp if one seeks to establish a proper lighting layer. While there are no exact rules in buying one, you need to ensure that they work in pairs. You can use similar or identical lamps in pairs to create a symmetrical setup and light your room. You also need to be aware of various styles of lamps available, from floor to table lamps. Each has its own advantage for different living room layouts and setups.

Combine or Mix Table and Floor Lighting

Mixing table and floor lighting largely depends on the size of your living space. Combining both creates an interesting effect that adds value to the overall design and appeals to the room. Lamps can add layers to the space. One way to create an ideal mixture is to ensure that the table lamp is at eye level when pairing with a seat or console you’re standing on. You can also try to vary your lighting or direct it while the other serves for creating ambient.

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Nicholas Jansen