Loving the New Puppy

Loving the New Puppy

Who doesn’t love a new puppy. They can bring so much joy into a person or families lives. Owning a dog is one of life’s little pleasures. Trained correctly they are a tremendous asset to the home and family. Establishing who is the Alpha dog is imperative to harmony in the home. Correcting improper behaviors is mandatory for peace.

 Training for proper bathroom etiquette is a must for a clean home and dog area. Installing socialization will bring safety and security to you, your dog, and home. When all these aspects of training are properly introduced into your puppies life and routine. Your life with your dog will be a fun lasting, loving relationship.

Who’s the Boss? Your new puppy will begin to try to manipulate your behavior. The puppy wants to be the boss. It is a natural behavior that has to be established in the wild. Many years of captive breeding has toned this behavior, however Alpha dog has to be established. Puppy Training Houston can provide guidance that will begin to establish the owner as the boss. If this is not established you will have continued issues with your dog all it’s life. It is paramount you establish you as the alpha dog.

The next discipline your trainer will teach you and your puppy is correct socially accepted behaviors. The jumping up on people, barking for no reason, biting, and digging need to be negatively reinforced. Soon your puppy will learn it is not advantageous to display or act in this manner. Your dog is going to become part of your family unit. If we will not allow other members of our family to bite the neighbor, neither should your dog.

These proper social behaviors will be established with positive reinforcement. As the Alpha dog it will be very important that you maintain this relationship throughout the dogs life. It makes it so much easier to maintain a healthy relationship with your dog.

One of the most aggravating behaviors any animal can acquire is bad bathroom habits. Nothing is worse than walking in someone else’s home and smelling dog urine. I know you know what I mean. A cat is even worse. It’s very difficult to get that smell out of carpet or furniture. So let’s get proper bathroom behavior under control early in the puppies’ development.

 This has become much easier with captive breeding practices. Most dogs will already have an ingrained desire to go outside to use the bathroom. This is where good breeding comes into play. Know where your puppy comes from.

Socialization training is very important to the proper development of your puppy. Simply put…they need to be taught who’s butt to smell and who’s not. It’s funny and true. The puppy will use the ingrained training it is born with.

These are survival skills in the wild that create behavioral issues in the home. Breaking your dog of these instinctual behaviors is nearly impossible, however the dog can be trained to suppress certain behavioral instincts. Puppy Training Houston will reinforce the positive aspects of this new learned behavior which makes everyone involved happy.

Bringing a new puppy into your lives and home is a lot of fun. Especially when the puppy is comfortable. When the puppy is well trained and acclimated to understand some new rules, everyone will be happy. When boundaries are set the puppy knows what to expect for its behavior, good and bad. This is where you as alpha dog plays the major role. The dog will know it’s boundaries and the consequences involved. Enjoy your new puppy.

Bonnie Baldwin