Lunar Effects Moon Lamp

Lunar Effects Moon Lamp

It is wonderful to look at the sky at night and see a full moon, or moon in its various beautiful shapes. Most of us stare at it for minutes just to admire its beauty and light that its sending to our planet. It’s amazing that every time we look at the moon and feel like it’s magical. One can never get bored of looking at the moon because every day it has a new shape or color to soothe your eyes. Its unending, it will stay with us until we are alive and the earth exists but you can only look at the moon when you are outdoor. When you are roaming outside you can enjoy looking at the moon, and imagine that you could just hold it in your hands. Well, every wish doesn’t come true but you can have a tiny and similar version of it to enjoy your dream and that is a moon lamp.

Purpose of Moon Lamps:

There is no doubt that when you look at the real moon it gives you a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Same like that the moonlight is a source of bringing peace of mind and it heals whatever is going in your mind and fixes your mood anytime. But, if you want to set up a romantic surrounding in your room, then you obviously need moonlight and there is hardly any chance that you can keep the actual moon in your room all the time. The same mood can be set with the Moon lamps because they give you the exact same feeling. It is a recreation of moon with more modifications that it looks pretty even as a decoration piece. It recreates the same magic, if you have it in your room and look at the sky and there’s a full moon and you have the same in your room then what’s better than that? The entire environment of your room gives you a feeling of relaxation and calm.

Moon lamps are pretty in every way, but you might get confused which one to go for. If you are looking for décor ideas for your room or anywhere in the house then you must consider a moon lamp because you do not want to miss the pleasant and warm light. It is a great idea to convert your makeup table into a cozy corner where you can relax while getting ready.

What is a Moon lamp?

It is a moon light lamp that looks exactly like the real moon and you will be amazed to see that how relaxing it is to even look at. 3D printing technology is used in order to make it and in order to make it looks exactly like the real moon, the layer by layer stacking is done. The images from the NASA are followed in order to attain the accurate shape and texture of the moon that it looks exactly the same as the real one. It is a depiction of real moon’s shape, texture and light. The main idea is to support that everyone who buys it and puts it in their room feels relaxed. There are spots, craters and radiation of light just like the real one. The best part is that you can hang these Moon lamps in your room and when you will do that, the feeling of actual moon spreading the dim light all around the room will relax you to another level.

Why you should use a Moon lamp?

First thing is that they are really pretty and elegant, it gives a subtle and beautiful feeling to your room’s environment. The moonlight is warm and cozy that is emitted by the Moon lamps and it can create a romantic and pleasing environment wherever they exist. Just like there are days when you cannot witness the moon outside due to clouds, and you feel something is missing then it is a replacement of that because the feel is the same. In case you are planning a romantic dinner then it is not a candle that will finish in minutes instead it will stay as long as you want it. The moon lamp serves as the great lightening affect, and who does not know that it is a sign of romance and is so poetic. It is a great sign of love and there is no chance that it can’t build a romantic environment. 

You can gift it to your partner or anyone you love and adore the most, and the best part is that it can sometimes be customized as well. We are thinking that it is a perfect gift for valentines.  Lunar Effects offers the most beautiful moon lamps around. Each lamp is named after a moon of Jupiter – Ganymede, Callisto, IO and Europa. It develops a connection with you, because every time you will look at it you will feel relaxed. It can serve as the best birthday gift as well.

If you are one of those people who love to decorate their rooms then you can use different ideas with the Moon lamp. There must be many available in the market, but you should look for the quality ones and the ones who are made with the help of best technology out there. Then do not wait and check all the variety available at Lunar Effects. Once you buy it there is nothing that can replace it because you will get used to the dim light emitted by these and it will also help you sleep peacefully.

Starting at just $34.99 for the 8cm moon lamp, you really are getting a bargain. Each moon lamp has a laser engraved stand with Lunar Effects one side, and the name of the moon lamp on the other. It is a perfect touch and one which offers differentiation from other companies. 

If you’re ready to get yours now, simply check out the website at and get yours now. You will be happy that you did. 



Nicholas Jansen